Where and How to Meet Girls in India [and what Indian girls like]

It’s very hard to not fall for a woman from India. They carry a very special charm and beauty to boot. So, how does a guy go about meeting girls in India and finding a girlfriend? Keep reading.

Firstly, get a little bit of background research under your belt and start by knowing what it is that you are looking for. This is really important, as girls from different regions of India have different characteristics and girls from different age groups have very different outlooks when it comes to dating and relationships.



Modern Indian girls

While many people consider India ultra conservative and traditional, but modern Indian girls are breaking that mold. They are more confident, out-going, open-minded and self-assured than ever before. If they find the guy is handsome or has merit, then there is a fair chance she will be open to a date, and possibly even a relationship if that went well.


Middle Aged Indian Girls

They are either married and divorced or they are past 35 and are desperate due to pressure from their family to marry. Something to note, it’s widely spoken about that in India, women age well and hold their beauty, and become very at peace with life. Middle-aged women will be far more conservative in their mindset than today’s younger generation. That said, it’s not unusual for women to look outside of the marriage for sexual fulfillment in cases where love and sexual connection has long ended, or their partner themselves has a mistress.



Girls from different regions of India


Delhi: The capital of India and the city with the highest GDP per capita. You will find a lot of career focussed women here who also have a highly developed sense of social justice and liberal views. They are also more material and showy than Mumbai girls, as a generalization. They are generally multi-lingual In at least Hindi and English.

Mumbai: a very cosmopolitan city that is home to the highest concentration of billionaires and millionaires. It’s also home to a large percentage of Marathi people. They are generally open-minded to other cultures and have a respect for intellect and merit. Many are highly educated and multi-lingual in at least English, Hindi and Marathi. They look beyond the material and don’t seek to flaunt wealth.

Kolkata: Capital of Bengal and the former home of the British East-India Trading company. It’s the cultural capital and third largest city in terms of economy and population. Mostly, Bengali girls are very conservative but freindly, and will be so keen to show you their culture.

Gurgaon: High flying corporate, rich elite, young and career minded, or villager. A place of stark contrasts in a fast-growing corporate-led satellite city of Dehli. Blue collar workers will all be multilingual to different degrees.

Patna: While being one of the faster-growing cities in India, and a city with the lowest number of slums, it also has the highest number of unemployed.

Bangalore: the Silicon Valley of India, and home to many migrants from across the nation who are, open-minded, highly educated, and hard working. Multi-lingual is almost a certainty. The city has a very fresh nightlife scene with the closure times only recently being lifted to 1 am.

Chennai: Here is where you will find the largest number of expats. It’s a major economic city with a large number of migrants from across the country. Multi-lingual in English and native Tamil. Chennai girls are renowned for being independent, intellectual, and conservative.

Goa: once a Portuguese colony, it’s now a tourism hotspot and home to beautiful beaches. Many girls are very westernized in their outlook. The city also has a vibrant nightlife scene.

Ahmedabad: Reported as being one of the best cities to live in India. It’s also one of the fastest growing cities in the world. A lot of students come here for the universities.



How to meet girls in India


The three basic ways

1. Friends circle – it’s the most common way and the way of the highest chance of success. You may be friends of friends and get introduced, or be part of a social circle that exists where you study, go to gym, and so on. Thus, in India, the high importance of being socially active and participating.

2. Online dating and APPS – Apps such as Tinder and Truly Madly are popular and I recommend you download and use both while you are in the country. Dating sites such as Asian Dating and a couple that you will find on my big list of Asian dating sites and apps are great ways to meet and chat with girls prior to entering the country and even maybe meet Indian girls near you now.

3. The third way is through cold approach – That can be when you spot a girl you like on the streets or at the mall, going up to here and exchanging details. It may be that you have already made contact eye to eye previously, or it may be the first time you have seen her. It could be at malls, bookstores, Coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, lounges, or places where people go to relax such as tourist sites which in Dehli might be The Red Fort, Akshardham Mandir, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, the National Museum, Science Center, National Zoological Park, and many more.

A word of caution about cold approaching, do note some of the recent events in India where girls have been molested and even kidnapped, and worse. Do show a lot of respect, and don’t be a stalker. There is no exact science here but use your common sense and never make a girl feel challenged in some way.

Be genuine, where there is really a feeling and it’s in a safe place for the girl, say hi, introduce yourself, and know that this is just a brief encounter. Swap numbers or social details and let her go on her way. Light, breezy and never heavy or intimidating.

Later, send a message and say hi and what a pleasure it was to meet here and how you’d love to take her out for a coffee. No response? OK, try again in a week. No response again. Try again in two weeks. No response again, drop it.


Here is a video on How to Approach Girls in Mumbai India with interviews of random people on the street



And here again, this time in Dehli



What do Indian Girls find Sexy about guys?

Watch and learn.



What girls from India like?

  1. A subtle approach, don’t come on strong
  2. Sweet compliments but no cheezy one-liners
  3. Intellectual discussion
  4. Appreciation for their views and thoughts not just their beauty


What do they look for in a man?

  1. Confidence
  2. Well dressed
  3. Good humor and quick wit
  4. Be himself
  5. Honesty and sincerity
  6. Good hygiene


What steps should you take before heading to India?

  1. Learn basic greetings in Hindi, at least, more is better
  2. Watch Bollywood movies and take in the culture [seriously]
  3. Understand the geography and different cultures within the Indian culture
  4. Learn specifically about the region/city you are going to.