What Your Dating Profile Should NOT Say

What most people don’t realize is the amount of time and effort it takes to complete a dating profile that you’re happy with. It’s just a dating profile, right? But it’s easier said than done. What usually happens is that people either just give up or they end up making a dating profile that’s totally over the top or totally made under.

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If you have one of your own and you’re not getting as much as “hits” as you expect on it, you might want to rethink what your profile lacks or what your profile has too much of. Today, we’re focusing on the latter — what your profile has too much of — because there are just certain things that your profile, absolutely, should NOT say:

1. It should NOT say: Negative, depressing stuff about your life

We get it! You’re lonely and you want your future partner to see how miserable you were before they stepped into your life. Well, the thing is, nobody’s going to want to step in there if all they can read about it is darkness and depression. Nobody’s also going to want to be with someone who seems pessimistic about life. That’s just downright not attractive at all!

2. It should NOT say: Every single detail about your life

Remember that this is just a dating profile so you might want to avoid writing something lengthy enough to be an autobiography. Studies have shown that shorter dating profile get more hits compared to the longer ones. Not everyone is going to want to read your entire life’s story. And that’s a good thing because you can reserve that for future conversations with your future partner.

3. It should NOT say: That you’re looking for someone from fantasy land

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Let’s get real. If you’re looking for someone who’s rich, good looking, has nice Christian values, will worship the ground you walk on with every inch of his being, will give you the attention you need 24-7 even if you’re not reciprocating, then you’re probably not going to find him or her in this green earth.

When answering the question: “Who do you want to meet?”, you would want to keep your options open and not be too rigid with the qualities that you like in a partner. You might just see your prince charming in a frog somewhere (or something like that).

4. It should NOT say: What you don’t want to have

Double negatives, we know it’s confusing but think about it for a moment. You have your online dating profile set up and then suddenly you wake up one morning and all you ever wanted was just someone to hang out with (but your dating profile says: Wants to be in a serious relationship).┬áChange it, pronto! Putting people in the friend zone is just not right.

5. It should NOT say: False, blown up things about you

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When making a good dating profile, you have to be somewhere between honest but not too honest. It’s hard, we know but it would be a no-no to describe yourself as: “Martha Stewart in the kitchen but Kate Upton in the bedroom” or as “Mike Brady when it comes to family” and etc. You get the picture.

Stick to the facts but don’t over exaggerate it at the same time like when you say, “I’m fat so what of it?” No, don’t go there.

Small things you can do to improve your profile

1. When in doubt, ask a friend. You’re friend will give you a way better perspective of yourself. Put that in your dating profile.

2. Ask a question. It’s a great conversation starter. Like: “Ever been to Bali?” or something similar. Yes, do that on your profile.

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