What to Expect When Visiting the Philippines

There are a lot of beautiful and new things to look forward to when visiting the Philippines. There’s a lot to enumerate! If it’s your first time, you’re in for a treat. Just so you get a sneak peak into what it’s like when you’re in the Philippines, here’s our shortlist of what to expect when visiting the Philippines:


1. People

Don’t be so surprised if people are extra nice to you. It’s part of the Philippine culture and it’s in every Filipino’s blood. They are naturally friendly and accommodating. Initially, people will give you the help that you need if you ask for it, like directions for example.

2. Yummy Street Food

Like every other Asian country, Philippines also has its own version of street food. Expect to see most chicken parts (a lot of chicken parts), that includes the feet and the innards, being barbecued. You’ll also run into street vendors that sell cooked duck eggs called “balot”. Yum!

3. Amazing Tropical Fruits

You have not tasted a mango before if you haven’t tasted it from the Philippines. If you’re a fruit or veggie junkie, you’ve hit the jackpot because most parts of the Philippines have fresh fruits and vegetables for sale at a cheaper price.

4. Haggle me this

It may not be very common to haggle in department stores but it is when you’re visiting a local Philippine market. If you’re a smooth talker, you might just get away with 1 kilo of mangoes for $5-$7, or maybe even cheaper.┬áThis also applies when you’re shopping for stuff or sovereigns at a local place.

5. Weather

Depending on what month you’re visiting, you’d expect mostly hot temperatures. This calls for sunscreen! When you’re visiting in the months of March, April, or May, the weather might get a bit unpredictable, with alternates of rain and sun. Don’t worry though because the Philippines only has rainy season and sunny season. It won’t take much for you to bring what you need for those two types of weathers.

6. Amazing Beaches

Another amazing thing that you can expect to see in the Philippines is the beach. In most places of the world, beaches may not be accessible during most times of the year but contrary to that, you can go to a Philippine beach anytime you want, at any month you want (as long as there isn’t a typhoon). Most beaches are just breath-taking even if they take a few hours to get to.