What are Modern Filipino girls really like?

I am a Filipina. From my perspective, most foreign men are attracted to the women in my country because they view us as women who are great cooks, physically attractive, caring and traditional. The first three descriptions may be spot on but the last one (traditional) has room for debate due to influences from other cultures.

A Filipina being purely traditional may have been true a few years ago but this is not entirely true today. To shed some light on what I mean, here are a few modern Filipina traits I’ve observed:

It’s not all about Marriage and Kids

Traditionally, the Philippine culture is just like any other Asian culture where the end product of dating or being in a relationship should be marriage.

The Philippine culture, however, is getting with the times. Being in a relationship, for a modern Filipina, doesn’t always have to end up in marriage. A Filipina could be dating you because you’re a compliment to each other, you experience new things together and you just mesh well together. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to marry you. Marriage and children may not even be on her list of life goals.




Most Filipinas nowadays savor the glory that comes with a rising career. Not everyone is into this, of course, but lately, I have observed more and more Filipinas focusing on the success of their career. This is especially true for women who are working in BPO industries. I’ve also observed a lot of Filipina women starting their own business either online (an online store or a website) or offline (a café, an eatery or a boutique shop).

These kinds of women are determined, focused and driven. If you’re dating a modern Filipina who’s career-oriented, the best thing to do would be to support her when she truly needs it but don’t forget to remind her to maintain a balance in her life.

Open relationships are OK

Are you surprised? Yes, the Filipina mindset is indeed becoming more liberated. Again, this is not a generalization but I have recently come across several Filipinas who are willing to have open relationships. I’ve observed this with couples who are in long distance relationships and couples who aren’t ready to settle down yet (and are in the process of just having fun).

There are many Filipinas out there who are still in the closet about this so don’t go asking expecting an outright answer. Most Filipinas will not admit to this so if you’re dating someone who you suspect can be ok with an open relationship, build the trust first and know how to read hints.



Between Traditional and Progressive

Despite the traits I already mentioned, you need to understand that a Filipina is somewhere in between traditional and progressive. Although a Filipina’s mind is slowly opening up to new dating means and relationship possibilities, she still isn’t letting go of what she grew up with. For example, a Filipina may have modern views on things but she still knows what her role is in her household. This may sound conflicting but that’s just how Filipinas are – they know how to find a balance and stay in the middle of things that are both traditional and progressive.



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