Wechat Tips and Tricks

Wechat is most certainly the number one app in China for personal messaging, group messaging and sharing your moments much like the Facebook timeline. Its also gaining popularity in other parts of Asia, so you probably want to know more: about wechat. If you already have it, here’s some tips and tricks:

Wechat Voice:
Download Wechat Voice for free from play store/ or your favorite app store. It adds cool effects to your voice messages. Give it a try and have some fun.


Web Wechat:
If you are tired from staring at a small screen, you can access web wechat, and scan the QR code with our phone to login.

Another alternative for wechat on PC is wechat for windows (English version now available), you can download and use wechat on your laptop or PC. You will still need to authorise connection via you phone.

If you lost your phone, how to log in to wechat on PC? It’s possible with software called an Android Emulator, such as Bluestacks. Once you have Bluestacks running, add wechat and use it just as you would via your phone.


Share Only Text on WeChat Moments
the moments feature allows you to share photos, but what if you have no photo and just want to share a message? Simply hold the camera icon on the top right corner until it changes into the text box, it may popup with a statement that it’s a test feature, just hit ok.


Rain Confetti on your friends
Certain Keywords used in chats during festival times will trigger confetti and other effects. Here’s some of the keywords:

Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Happy Easter
Miss You


Disable Find Me By Phone Number
If you don’t want people to find your wechat ID by searching your phone number you can turn it off.

Tap the ‘Me’ icon and then tap ‘settings’. Tap on Privacy then you have some options there, including disable/enable find by phone number.


Do not Disturb – turn off notifications during certain hours
Set a start time and end time for receiving WeChat notifications. Simply Tap the ‘Me’ icon and then tap ‘settings’. Tap on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and set as required.


Adding Custom Gifs as ‘Stickers’
Emoticons and emojis on wechat are a bit boring, you can add your own easily. On the chat screen click the smiley face, then select the settings icon, then select ‘Custom’ and add the gif. It only accepts smaller sized images, unfortunately.


Choose who not to share moments with
Go to Settings.
Select Privacy and then select “Don’t Share my Moments”.
Select the + sign and choose friends that you don’t want to see your Moments, then select Ok, then select done.


Mention Friends In Your Moments post

Add a moment as normal by going to Discover > Moments and tap once on the Camera icon at the top right.
Take a photo or choose an existing one
Then, on the status page, tap on Mention and tick friends you want to tag.
Continue as normal by selecting Send to post your update.

Freinds mentioned will get a notification about your post.


Sending Documents with WeChat
Did you know you can also very easily send files such as word docs and pdf files up to 10MB? Give it a try.

Change Names of Friends
Click on the name you want to edit, there will appear three dots and you will see an option of ALIS. You can then name the person as you wish on your device.