VIBER-ing Up Dates and Friends

Viber? What’s that?

“Viber is a free calls, text and video messaging app that keeps you connected with your friends and family anywhere in the world.” – What is VIBER?


Are you a smart phone app junkie? If you are, then you may have already known what VIBER is. It’s not the “new kid on the block” but for those who don’t know VIBER: it’s an app that you can download that lets users text, call, group message and video call for FREE. As long as you have an internet connection and as long as the other person you want to contact has a VIBER app that’s connected to the internet, then you don’t need to worry about text or call charges when contacting that person via Viber. Cool, right?

It’s really straight forward and it’s not that hard to use because the interface is very similar to a smart phone’s interface – you have the contacts, you have the message or SMS button, you have the call button, the video call button and so on.

So what’s different with VIBER?

Aside from the features that I just mentioned above, here are a few more cool VIBER features that you can make use of:

  • You get to send cute stickers and pictures via VIBER message/SMS.
  • Video calling gives you HD sound and HD picture quality.
  • Group messages have a 200-participant capacity.
  • You can play games with VIBER characters: Violet and Legcat
  • You can get behind the scenes with VIBER’s public chat – you can get the latest updates from your favorite personalities and get updates from the things you’re into: music, art, entertainment and so on.

How To Use VIBER

1. Set-up

As soon as you finish downloading the app, it will require you enter your phone number.  To do this, you have to choose your country and then enter your phone number on the space provided.  Wait for a few moment as the app will sync your contacts (the ones you already have on your phone) to your VIBER contacts.

2. Contacts

The people in your contact list who already have the app will appear on your VIBER contact list so there’s no need to transfer anything. When adding contacts, all you have to do is press on “Contacts” and then press the “+” sign.

3. Chats

The “Chat” section is as easy to use as the rest of the VIBER features. Press on the “Chats” section. To send a message, just press on the square button with a pencil-like image piercing through it (found on the upper right side). This will open your VIBER contact list and you can begin searching for the person you want to contact. If you just want to input the number, you can do so by pressing the area marked “Enter name or number”. Press “Done” and you’re ready to compose a message.

  • Composing a message – Press on the blank space at the very bottom of the screen and type in your message. Press the arrow up button found on the right of the blank space to send.
  • Sending stickers – Press the bear image next to the blank space and choose your sticker. Press on a sticker once to send.
  • To send other items – Press the “+” sign and choose an option according to what you want to send. You can send pictures, take a photo and then send it, send a doodle, send your location, send a voice message and share a contact.

4. Calls

Pressing on the “Calls” option will access the call logs of the app. It’ll be empty if you just downloaded VIBER. To make a call, you can press “Open Keypad” and enter the number or you can go to “Contacts”, press a name and then choose whether you want to do a voice call (the phone icon) or a video call (the video icon).

5. Public

This feature gives you access to public chat rooms via VIBER. To join in on the fun, all you have to do is press on once public chat icon. You can also search for public chats using keywords. You’ll have access to local chats as well as international ones.

6. More

The more section lets you share your VIBER on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This is also the place where you can edit your profile, play VIBER games, tweak settings, access the sticker market and so on.

VIBER for Love and Friends

Now that you know what VIBER is and what cool features it has, it’s time to talk about something else, something more on the “meeting new people” department. Yes, with VIBER you can communicate with your friends and meet new people at the same time. How? There are several ways:

1. Join a VIBER community.

You can find several online communities that have VIBER users gathered in one place. Facebook has a few and Twitter is a good tool to find people who VIBER too.

  • Facebook – search for VIBER groups or VIBER pages. When you find one, you should see people freely giving out their numbers. You can choose to give out yours or you can contact a specific person on the group.
  • Twitter – when on Twitter, search for #viber, #viberme, vibernow and you’ll get a lot of results and VIBER accounts.

2. Download the VIBER app.

It sounds redundant but, basically, you can download an app for your VIBER. Specifically, you’re going to download a third party app that will allow you to see and meet other VIBER users. Think of these apps as chat rooms.

  • Suggestion for Apple users – V Usernames for Viber Messenger – Once you download the app, you can sign up and share your ID or number or you can just look around and not share your information. You just need to have an iOs6.0 or later to make the app work properly.
  • Suggestion for Android Users – Chat Rooms for Viber – This app is available in Google Play. There are over 10,000 installs which means that a significant number of people are already connected to the chat rooms.

Downloading VIBER

I bet you can’t wait to download VIBER now, right? You can go to the App Store or to Google Play and searched for VIBER. There’s also a PC version of the app which you can download here.