Using Skype to Meet New Asian Friends

Skype has made it so easy for us to connect with people anywhere in the world so why not make the most out of it? Most people use Skype these days instead of other third party messengers so it means that there are literally thousands of people to meet through it as long as you know where (and how) to look for their Skype ID.

Skype - Easy communication

Don’t believe us? Check out this video from the Skype website. It’s currently Skype’s 10th Anniversary and to commemorate that, comedian Mark Malkoff attempted to contact as many countries as possible. The end number was 162. So you see how easy it is to meet people on Skype?

Fishing for IDs

Now that we know how easy it is, it’s time to learn where to find people that are willing to meet virtually through Skype. Here’s our suggestion:

Language Learning Community

Skype - Language Learning Community

Did you know that you can actually log in to the main Skype website with your ID? Skype uses it to keep track of your purchases, like credits and etc. What you might like on the main website is the Language Learning Community.

It’s a well known fact that most Asians like to practice their English. Why not offer your services for free? You’ll be doing something good and you’re gaining a new friend in the process. If you go on that section, you’ll see that their are a lot of Asian friends, just waiting for someone nice enough to chat with them in English.

Watch out for Chat Clubs

Skype - Asian Friends through Language Learning

On the very same forum, you also need to watch out for chat clubs. Chat clubs are basically a group, chatting together on Skype, at a specific time. It’s a great and easy way to interact with a lot of potential friends, all at the same time.

Get creative

We know that there are other sources out there for you to find more Skype IDs of your potential Asian friends. We recommend that you to get creative. Use a search engine or you can even use Facebook if you wanted.

Goodluck and have fun Skype-ing up a storm!