Types of Chinese Massage

The art of Chinese massage is one of removing imbalances and balancing Qi that flows through the body, and in particular through different meridians.


What is Qi?
In simple terms, Qi can be described as lifeforce or energy. It lies at the root of Chinese Traditional Medicine along with Yin and Yang.


What are meridians?
The meridian system describes the path trough which Qi flows. There are 20 major pathways along which there are some 400 acupuncture points.




Types of Chinese Massage

Anmo is the most common style of massage in China, a push and rub style of massage often with oil. Commonly chosen for relaxation and after sports. This is the basic massage offered by most massage parlors and leisure centers within China.

Tui na which is a push and grasp style of massage that is normally offered as a medical treatment by a trained masseuse or TCM practitioner. It is chosen to muscle and joint pain and even injury.

Zhi Ya is again another massage type that should be performed by a trained masseuse or TCM practitioner, it involves the use of pressing techniques on acupoints along the meridian pathways. You could say it’s similar to acupuncture but without needles.

Foot Massage is incredibly popular in China, and begins with a foot wash followed by a message that includes the legs. It’s a combination of all of the above styles using push, rub, grasp and press. It’s believed that acupressure points in the feet correspond to different organs in the body, as per the picture below.