Tips on Getting a Korean Boyfriend

Korean fever is spreading all over the world and all over the hearts of a lot of women. It’s probably because of those mushy soap operas and heart-melting romantic movies that come from the beautiful country OR it could just simply be because it is a land filled with irresistibly cute and boyish male figures.

Nonetheless, if you are searching for a Korean boyfriend, here are a few things that you might want to look into before you begin your search:

1. Language

The first thing that you need to know, of course, is how to speak Korean. Now, you may be asking why in the world do you need to do this when a lot of Koreans know how to speak English. Ok, true but the thing that we’re after here is PLUS points. Did you know that Koreans (especially the men) find it impressive that you know how to speak their language (even if it’s just 3 words and 1 phrase)?

Yes, it’s true! So, just to get you started here’s one word that you absolutely need to know:

Oppa – /OOOO-paah/ – Notice that the /O/ sound is prolonged. This word is often used by younger females to call out older males in their friendship circle. It’s common to use it when in a relationship too. Take note because this is a very important key word.

2. The cute factor

In Korea, they have this thing called the “aegyo” and it means cuteness or charming-ness. This may sound strange to an outsider but Korean men just love this in women (as long as it’s not too much). It’s like the weakness of Korean men. They find it charming, cute and lovable.

To show you what aegyo really is, let’s take an example: If a girl in Korea, wants her boyfriend to buy her something, she uses “aegyo” and she applies it to the word Oppa (remember the word we told you about earlier?).

Here’s how you say Oppa with Aegyo: Notice how the guy in the video melts off his chair.

And here’s regular Oppa (meaning big brother):

3. The thrill of the chase

Tip #3 tells you that you must play hard to get. Korean men like this because they like the thrill of the chase. There might be a bit of psychology involved with this tip but it does work as long as you don’t too much of it. Generally speaking, this tip is pretty applicable to most men too, and not just the men from Korea.

4. Legs for days

Let’s be honest and say that most men have a specific thing that they focus on when they look at women — their focal point. Other men look at the face first, the rear or the chest but for Korean men, they like legs. So a good tip would be to choose an appropriate outfit that shows off your legs. Keep your top part covered and, as always, try not to show too much leg.

5. Korea! Fighting!

If you want to date a Korean guy, you have to do your homework on his country. Know who the famous people are, know what the top brands in Korea are, the food and etc. Again, very much like tip #1, we’re not “studying” in order to achieve academic excellence, we’re after the plus points, right? So you don’t have to know everything but you do have to know the basics.

Asian Dating - Tips on Getting a Korean Boyfriend

Parting pointers

On top of these tips, just remember to be yourself and act as naturally as possible. Remember that love is never forced. At best, you can guide to towards you by following these tips but ultimately what will make you attractive to any man out there would be the natural you.