Three Must Sees in the Island of Bohol

The Island of Bohol has three main features that can either be the best introduction, the finest highlight or the supreme conclusion to one’s visit. Basically it’ll vary from the visitor’s mood and preference but the impact will be consistent. There is no particular order to these features; you just have to make sure that you get to experience everything before leaving Bohol.

Bohol is the tenth largest island in the Philippines. It is located in the Central Visayas Region. Today, it has become one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines and because of this, there are a number of ways by which one can reach Bohol. There are more than one scheduled flights bound for Bohol. If you’d like to enjoy the ocean more, then there are two options that you can take: by fast ferry and by regular ferry. Fast ferries can be taken from other tourist destinations in the Philippines like Cebu, Dumaguete and Dapitan. The regular ferry is from Manila and takes about 36 hours of travel time or Butuan (if you will come from Mindanao).

When visiting Bohol, there are three things that one shouldn’t miss. These are the beaches, the world famous Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers.

All over Bohol, you can find lots of beach resorts that are best not just for relaxation but are also superb diving spots. Among these, the most popular would be in Panglao island. Along the white sand beach are numerous hotels and accommodation that any traveller can choose from. The white sand in this area in Bohol is so fine and of such high quality that it is even exported to other beaches in the world.

Another attraction would be the world famous Chocolate Hills. These are actually mounds of limestone, with a uniform cone shape but with varying altitude. The highest among the more than 1200 mounds is about 40 meters high. The Chocolate Hills is the most visited spot in Bohol. The hills run through at least three municipalities, the most famous group being those found in Carmen, Bohol. The hills are green most of the year, but turn brown during the hottest summer months. This is what makes them look like “chocolate hills.”

The third attraction would be the tarsiers, said to be the smallest monkeys in the world. The main island of Bohol still has tropical rain forests found in the higher parts that are worth checking out. These rain forests are home to tarsiers. The average size of the world’s smallest monkey is just between 90 to 160 mm (that’s just 3.5 to 6.25 inches!) and it weighs about 70 to 165 grams.

These three are just the main features. There are so many others that one should see and experience while in Bohol. Bohol offers something all year round. So one’s schedule should be based on which particular thing one wishes to see and experience. Many would prefer going to Bohol during the colder season beginning in November. But many others would also decide to visit in May, when the Chocolate Hills are at their brownest.