This is for You, Untraveller!

“Travelling is rebellion in its purest form”, says a Pinterest-worthy quote.  Couldn’t you agree more? Although, there will always be someone who can honestly admit that he or she loves the daily grind, wouldn’t it be nice to just get away from all these boring routines?  Take yourself far, far away or not too far at all.

We do not have to wait for the end of the year, a raise or for huge savings to splurge on a travel. In fact, one does not need to splurge, just to travel.  In this busy and fast-paced lifestyle that many of us have, travelling is no longer a luxury. It should be made a necessity. All we need to do is just free ourselves this weekend (or call in sick — just as long as you can cover your butt from this), follow our hearts and try to lose control more than the usual.

Do you know that place that’s 4 hours away from your spot? You’ve heard just too much about it — the famous late night barbecue by the boulevard, the warm people and the nearby unspoiled beaches. You get what I mean? There’s something about that place that you need to experience.

You have written it down in one of your post-its as a place to see this year. Well, it’s high time for you to do it.  You take the bus on a Friday night, wrap yourself up in a nice sweater and prepare for something you have never experienced before.

Directions won’t be a problem as long as you have Google on your side (or on your phone). If you are in the mood to take risks, that is fine, get lost (but be safe — there’s a difference) in an unfamiliar city or town.

Why not spend the next long weekend at that beach with a cliff that you really want to jump off from? You’ve seen it in movies and you’re friends have been talking about the very same thing.

Oh, you say you need to shed off those extra pounds so that you can hit the beach? Do you think you deserve to go through all the dieting and exercising to shed off those extra pounds so that you can hit the beach?

Seriously, do you want to wait that long? Think it over, my friend.  How many pounds off before you can feel the sand between your toes and the taste the saltiness of the sea air in your lips? Do you think that weight should hold you back from doing what you want..and deserve?

Each of us deserves a breather away from the usual.

Allow yourself to travel. It does not have to be that splendid.  Go far away to see places and meet people.  While you do not have rheumatoid arthritis yet, walk the many streets of an unfamiliar city. While the water in the sea is still made for swimming, take a plunge. While we still speak the language of love, talk to the locals. While you still enjoy having your Instagram, post a photo of yourself in a place you set foot on the first time.

Take it one small step at a time or one small, nearby town at a time. Always have a daring spirit. After all, life is a daring adventure or nothing. It might almost be the end of the year (2013) but soon enough, our clocks, dates and our chances are going to be reset once 2014 hits.

Travelling is just one way for you to sink your teeth into really “living“. Go travel my friend. It’s good for your soul.