Things To Do on Boracay Island Philippines

If the United States has a city that never sleeps, the Philippines has an island that never sleeps- Boracay island. The term Boracay island is a general term for at least eight beaches that make up the whole island. Every little place in Boracay is very much accessible, making it a tourist friendly destination.

The term ‘island’ is a deceiving term since its connotation includes a sleepy, quiet, calm, laidback, rural, and backward place. However, this is not the case for Boracay island. It is in fact very much alive, vibrant, colorful, active, forward, and a modern tourist destination, regardless of its location.

Boracay island offers its tourist a whole wide range of activities, leisure, and things to do. You will never run out of things to do while in this beautiful island. What to do in Boracay Island?

1. Eat. Boracay boasts of hundreds of restaurants, food shops, cafes, bistros, fine dining, grill house, pastry shop, deli shop and a whole lot more! You will never run out of places to eat in this island. Boracay island offers a wide range of different cuisines such as American, Italian, French, Mediterranean, Persian, Mexican, and even a mixture of these cuisines. There are also food to go shops and little kiosks where you can quickly buy a snack even during the wee hours of the morning.

2. Relax. Boracay island is the haven for relaxation! There are a huge number of spas that offer different types of massage to suit your needs. You can even have a room service, or massage service by the beach. There are also steam baths, hot baths, sauna, foot spa, body scrub, and many more body treatment to make sure that you are pampered and relaxed.

3. Water Sports. Water sports activities are one of the newest additions in Boracay islands. This refers to a broad range of water sports activities that includes kite boarding, parasailing, water paraw, cliff diving, windsurfing, banana boat ride, speed boat riding, and a lot more activities to choose from. There are a lot of water sports activities providers in the whole island. You just have to find those that provide the best deal.

4. Party. Boracay island as mentioned above, never sleeps. Clubs and bars all over the island are open year round up to five in the morning on most days. The white beach- the most famous beach in Boracay is the ultimate party place for tourists. You can choose from the many different party places in Boracay area that will suit your wants in terms of music, drinks, and people.

5. Shop. Boracay island is the home of hundreds of different shops. It has three main shopping areas namely D’Mall, D’Talipapa, and the D’Market. These shopping areas have souvenir items, food items, groceries, and even fresh foods. You need not worry for the gifts that you are going to bring back to your family and loved-ones.

Given the activities above, you will surely have something to do in the beautiful islands of Boracay.