The Importance of Family to Your Asian Girlfriend

If you’re thinking of going out with an Asian girl, there are some things about her culture that you must never overlook. First of these things is the importance of her family and her craving for their approval.

Although this isn’t always the case, most Asian women would rather go out with a guy that the family approves of.

This doesn’t mean she wants someone from the same race, it just means you have to have a personality that her family likes. Asian traditional beliefs are clannish in nature. This means the parents, the siblings and the close blood relatives of your girlfriend all have a say in your relationship. Usually, her folks won’t have any problem with who she marries, but they will be extra vigilant and picky when it comes to allowing their daughter to marry someone from another culture.

This applies specifically to serious love relationships, so the moment your Asian girl asks you to meet her folks, you know she’s serious. If it’s not a parent, it’s going to be someone who’s equally important to her, like an aunt or an older male relative. So, man up and meet up with them. This is a lot better than sneaking around all the time.

Take note that it might take a long time before your girlfriend’s family warms up to you, but don’t worry. The Asian culture values civility regardless of personal feelings so you can bet that you will be met with a cordial reception at the very least.

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to worry about these things and you will soon be invited to family affairs and cultural gatherings. Depending on which Asian culture your girlfriend is a part of, these events may occur on a monthly basis. Weddings and religious celebrations, in particular, are important. So stay open-minded and remember to always ask your girl what type of behavior is appropriate for such gatherings.

Here’s a tip for you if you want to impress your Asian girl’s family…

Be extremely wary of the superstitions that your girlfriend and her family believe in.

Most Asian traditional events are rife with superstitions so be prepared. In particular, ask your girl about the colors that are considered “unlucky” or “ominous”, and refrain from wearing items with these colors when you attend the party. Ask her which type of gifts are allowed, and how you can show your affection for her and her family without being too overt. Also, be prepared to be “grilled” by her kin. They’re likely to ask questions about how you met, what work you do, what kind of life you can offer her, and how much you love her.

Open your heart to her and her family, and let your unique personality shine. Remember, the Asian family values you will learn early on will help a lot in your life together.