The Essential One Page Cambodia Starter Guide [for Visitors and Future Residents]

Cambodia is fast becoming a hot destination not only for holiday-makers but also for long-stay expats. Long stayers can be broken into several categories including the ones unable to afford a reasonable life in their home country, the retiree with limited funds, the sexpat, the digital nomad, the volunteer, English teachers and the business savvy seeking to invest in a developing country.

Cambodia offers something for everyone but leaves it totally up to you as to whether you save yourself, make yourself or break yourself.

So, to get you rolling on the next adventure leg of your life here’s a digital starter pack of sorts, a one-page super-intro and primer to your possible new home. Let’s start by getting our bearings.

Cambodia is located in South East Asia, sharing borders with Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. She also features a coastline bordered by the Gulf of Thailand. The country’s capital is Phnom Penh.


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