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Filipino-American Relationships

The culture of the Philippines is a rich and diverse one. Its culture is not defined by a single origin or a single tradition. Because of the experience in trading during the pre-colonial era and the experience in the colonial era of the Spanish, British, American, and Japanese, the Filipino culture is a melting pot of a lot more cultures.… Read more →

The Malays – Kaleide Culture and Marriage

Malaysia has a rich cultural heritage with the Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures blended in a healthy manner. Malays are the native of Malaysia. Malaysians usually give a high importance to the cultures and also respects cultures of other communities and countries. The Malays being the natives of Malaysia constitute almost half of the Malaysian population. As per the constitution… Read more →

Asian Culture: Japanese Marriages

Current day Japanese marriages differ a lot from the traditional Japanese marriages. The traditional Japanese marriages were usually arranged one, rather than the modern era love marriages. In ancient Japan 90% of the marriages were arranged marriages were both the partners’ even won’t see each other till the day of marriage. Together with the influence of the western culture, love… Read more →

Indian Marriages and Cultural Beliefs

Being a country with varied cultural differences, a wide range of marriage rituals and beliefs exists in India. The differences in rituals start with the dressing till the ceremony. The north part of country witness a night wedding, the southern India believes in day wedding. Be it north or south, Marriage is considered as an important part of one’s life… Read more →

Indian Culture and People

India, one of the mighty Asian countries’ is rich in its own cultural and varied heritage. It’s the world’s 2nd most populous country after China with over 1 billion population. With a simple glance at India, one can see so many differences in the day to day life and social life.  South through North, East through West, India has its… Read more →

Dravidian Culture in Relationships and Marriage

People who speak the four Dravidian languages-Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam are referred to as the Dravidians. South Indians (people along Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh) along with a few Srilankans forms this group of Dravidians. These people are usually having a dark complexion with dark hairs and eyes. All the Dravidian languages are very close to each… Read more →

Asian Culture: Buddhist Marriages

Buddhism is a religion which originated in India and has spread over many Asian countries. Buddhism doesn’t treat marriages as holy or unholy.  Moreover no one forces an individual to get married. It is wholly an individual affair if to get married or be a monk or remain a bachelor. It doesn’t have any law relating to marriage or having… Read more →