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15 Ways to Love a real Filipino Girl

If you truly want to impress a Filipino girl, and I mean a real Filipino lady, not the girl standing out the front of the bar in the tight shorts with the loose top and come-on smile, then, read on. Filipino girls are not complicated, and they especially don’t like complicated people, but, that doesn’t mean that they are easy.… Read more →

The Essential Must Read Intro: Meeting and Dating Chinese Girls

Chinese women are world renowned for their beauty and demure character making them a popular choice for a life partner. So today, we have our mega one-page MUST READ intro to meeting and dating Chinese women. Where to meet Chinese girls? 1. Language Exchange Learning language, and particularly English, is very popular with young Chinese. English is taught in schools… Read more →

How to Make a Mario Bento

(Learn more “Bento How Tos” @ Minicuteclub‘s Channel) What’s more Asian than bento boxes? If you don’t know what they are, they’re different kinds of food, placed neatly together inside a plate that has partitions. Traditionally, a bento box was used to take some food out but now, it’s commonly found in many Asian restaurants (especially Japanese and Korean). In a… Read more →

The Christmas Season in the Philippines

Filipinos are generally fun-loving and occasion-celebrating people. Couple this with their value for family and friendships and you will get a quality celebration of life. Filipinos take advantage of holidays, long weekends and other occasions just to have an excuse to visit their family members and other relatives and to spend time with them. Filipinos look forward to any declared… Read more →

Filipino Family Values

It is a fact that one can get to know a country better by looking at the things that they value and cherish the most. In order to look at these things, one should take a close look at what is evident in the cultural facets that are tangible like consumer goods, art, and other products. Likewise, intangible products say… Read more →

Filipino-American Relationships

The culture of the Philippines is a rich and diverse one. Its culture is not defined by a single origin or a single tradition. Because of the experience in trading during the pre-colonial era and the experience in the colonial era of the Spanish, British, American, and Japanese, the Filipino culture is a melting pot of a lot more cultures.… Read more →

Courtship in the Philippine Society The 21st Century

The 21st century likes everything in an instant. Instant coffee, instant noodles, instant haircut, instant messaging, instant research, instant entertainment, instant income, and even instant relationships! Everything seems to be wanted in a snap of the finger. Everything runs after everything. Everyone wants everything really fast. The 21st-century Philippine courtship seemed to say no to courtship. The rich, vibrant, and… Read more →

Filipino Culture of Respect

The Filipinos know what they value, what they treasure, and what they are willing to fight for. The Philippines is an island-country with a long history of colonization along with abuse and violence from its colonizers. Shaken, devastated, and tore into bits and pieces, the Filipino heart became resilient, ready to face the odds and to start all over again. After… Read more →

The Malays – Kaleide Culture and Marriage

Malaysia has a rich cultural heritage with the Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures blended in a healthy manner. Malays are the native of Malaysia. Malaysians usually give a high importance to the cultures and also respects cultures of other communities and countries. The Malays being the natives of Malaysia constitute almost half of the Malaysian population. As per the constitution… Read more →

Asian Culture: Japanese Marriages

Current day Japanese marriages differ a lot from the traditional Japanese marriages. The traditional Japanese marriages were usually arranged one, rather than the modern era love marriages. In ancient Japan 90% of the marriages were arranged marriages were both the partners’ even won’t see each other till the day of marriage. Together with the influence of the western culture, love… Read more →

Indian Marriages and Cultural Beliefs

Being a country with varied cultural differences, a wide range of marriage rituals and beliefs exists in India. The differences in rituals start with the dressing till the ceremony. The north part of country witness a night wedding, the southern India believes in day wedding. Be it north or south, Marriage is considered as an important part of one’s life… Read more →

Indian Culture and People

India, one of the mighty Asian countries’ is rich in its own cultural and varied heritage. It’s the world’s 2nd most populous country after China with over 1 billion population. With a simple glance at India, one can see so many differences in the day to day life and social life.  South through North, East through West, India has its… Read more →

Asian Culture: Buddhist Marriages

Buddhism is a religion which originated in India and has spread over many Asian countries. Buddhism doesn’t treat marriages as holy or unholy.  Moreover no one forces an individual to get married. It is wholly an individual affair if to get married or be a monk or remain a bachelor. It doesn’t have any law relating to marriage or having… Read more →

Asian Culture at a Glance

Asia being the largest and most populous continent on Mother Earth has its own diverse cultural relationships. Asian culture is a truly complex one, with a large number of ethnic groups’ cultural differences lying within the ethnic groups themselves. Asians are rich in their thoughts and deeds. The south Asia with the Indian subcontinent exhibit a wide range of differences with… Read more →