The Untold Secrets About Asian Women

So you are probably wondering about how to attract Asian women, many men are as it’s no secret that a lot of Western men find Asian women particularly attractive.

In this article, I am going answer some of your questions about Asian women but, first of all, lets cross one bridge, which is that women are women wherever you go.  Primal instincts are wound into us all, no matter which continent we come from. The differences lie in cultural upbringing, beliefs and values.

When we talk about and start to make generalisations Asian women we are making our first big mistake, depending which country they grew up in, they will all have differing beliefs and values arising from the culture in which they grew up.

This can make a big difference to how you take your first steps with an Asian partner and it’s something you must take the time to understand. When we talk about Asian girls we think of dark hair, brown eyes, slender figure but typecasting is dangerous,  and looks aside, Asian girls differ greatly in personality and beliefs depending on which country or even region they live.

Religious beliefs play a large role in Asian cultures which vary from region to region, and some regions will follow there beliefs more strongly than others. For example, Chinese while not overtly religious may be Buddhist, Taoist or even Christian, many Thai are Buddhist and keep very close to their religious beliefs. Other major religions in Asia include Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. A key to getting close with an Asian partner is by having an understanding of what her religion is and the beliefs of that religion. Another post here steps a little deeper into Asian culture.

The next key is location, some regions of Asia are very Westernised in their beliefs and their views on relationships particularly those from large highly developed cities. Popular Western tourist cities have also developed very liberal values but, while there may be girls willing to do anything for money, genuine girls worthy of meeting your mother won’t be so liberal minded.

Where some western men come unstuck in their relationships with Asian women is understanding what the woman is looking for. Many men have tales to tell about travelling to Asia to meet a partner, they marry and not long after returning to the West there’s a divorce in the process. Yes, some women are looking for freedom be that via the attainment of a visa, citizenship and/or money.

Fortunately, such is the culture of most Asian countries that Asian women are actually very loyal and loving partners. Loyalty and responsibility is a big part of the culture, no matter the mistakes or misfortunes, they will stand by your side, but that doesn’t come for free , they expect the same loyalty in return. They are also very caring, and very dedicated to their man. But forget about looking elsewhere, stray even slightly from her side and you’ll be whipped backed into line, just a suspicion of another woman will unleash fury. If you do make the mistake of having an affair don’t expect forgiveness. The pure and unlimited loving kindness of a genuine Asian women is something that must be highly respected and never taken for granted.

The secret with Asian women is really within their culture, understanding their beliefs and remembering what most Asian women desire deep down, is a man that will care for there emotional needs and provide them with a stable life.

For the first date, show your confidence and your caring side, be honest and genuine, she’ll be asking lots of questions, and she won’t forget your answers. Read more in another post here at How to Show your Love to an Asian Girl. Don’t expect the first date to go past midnight, it may not even go past a few hours as she’ll need time to think you over. If you meet for second date she’s very interested in you.

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