Philippines Climate and Boracay Island

The Philippines is a tropical country found in the equatorial region of the Southeast Asia. Because of its location, it only has two seasons: the dry season or the summer and the wet season or the rainy season. Its general temperature ranges from 22 degrees Celsius up to 34 degrees Celsius.

Its generally warm weather makes the Philippines a preferred tourist destination especially among the tourists that want to escape the cold autumn and winter seasons in their respective countries. The warm weather makes sure that the bodies of water in the Philippines are much ideal for all its tourists.

relaxing on Boracay Beach

Boracay island is one of the most heavily visited by both local and international tourists. It boasts of its clear turquoise water and fine white sand. It is also much accessible, even if it is 200 miles from the capital of the Philippines, when it comes to transportation in and out of the island. Accommodation in the island is also enough with prices depending on amenities, facilities, and location.

If you are interested to know when it is best to visit Boracay, you have to learn about their climate. And because there are only two seasons in the Philippines, you are given more time to enjoy Boracay at its best, if climate is your consideration.

Boracay’s climate is hugely dependent on the wind direction. The Amihan season is also known as the north east wind. Winds come from the north east and bring in a cool wind and breeze for the island. It starts in October and lasts until May. The Boracay tourism is at its peak during these months especially during the Christmas season and from March to May which is officially the Philippine’s summer season. The main beach which is the White Beach or Long Beach is jam packed with tourists during these times. The scorching heat of the sun is made cool with the north eastern wind or Amihan.

The Habagat on the other hand is known as the south west monsoon. Winds are warmer and more humid nthan Amihan but heavy rains are rampant during Habagat. The south west monsoon starts in June and ends in October when Amihan starts. In the Philippines, these months are known to be the typhoon months.

During the Habagat season, the prices of accommodation, activities, transportation, and even leisure drop significantly from 20% to 50%. All of the airlines give promo fares to those who will avail. During this time is when the lean months set in, wherein only a few tourists come. However, because of the wind quality, windsurfers and water sports enthusiast choose this season for their water activities.

If you love the summer season and the party life of Boracay, visit Boracay during the Amihan season. However, if you love the relaxed atmosphere and rains while swimming, with fewer tourists and cheaper rates, visit Boracay during the Habagat season.

Whichever season you choose, Boracay’s water remains turquoise and its sand remains as the white, powdery, and fine sand. These unchanging qualities make Boracay a very special place.