Nightlife in Manilla Philippines – A first timers guide

Manila boasts of its perfect view of the sunset. This is an understatement when this perfect view is seen in the Manila Bay area. One can see the reflection of the sun and all its glory, against the waters of Manila Bay.

The sunset is not the only thing to see in the sun down Manila. Aside from this sight in itself, the sunset signals the awakening of a sight to see in this South East Asian city. The rays of the sun, kissing against the horizon means that Manila has awakened for the second time during the day. Welcome to Manila’s nightlife!

Manila’s nightlife boasts of a whole spectrum of things to do, people to see, music to hear, places to visit, things to buy, food to eat, and even drinks to drink! One can never run out of things to do in Manila, especially during the night.

Most people especially those from the West would have an impression that Asian cities are conservative and therefore would have a very limited experience in nightlife. This is not the case in Manila and even other major cities throughout the archipelago. Manila is well-exposed to the culture of night life in developed countries due to a lot of factors.

The best, single word to describe Manila’s nightlife would be perfectly captured by the word, “diverse”. There are no same nights when it comes to the night life experience in the Philippines. Anyone wanting a taste of all worlds can find everything in Manila’s nightlife. From a relaxed and cozy nightlife to the rowdy and spontaneous crowds, all the party and not so party people will surely enjoy the nightlife in Manila.

Moreover, one of the great things about Manila’s nightlife is finding these various nightlife experiences in one place or just in a nearby area. This means that anyone can have a taste of various experiences at the same time in no time. There is always something in store for anyone at all times.

Manila’s nightlife is alive nightly but is at its best starting Friday nights and on towards the weekend. While Manila is also alive weekday nights, weekends are the best as places do not close until the wee hours of the morning, enough to offer you breakfast already. You can sing your heart out, dance until you drop, eat and drink until you surrender- all of these are offered by Manila’s nightlife culture.

Key Tip: A first time foreigner in Manila with hopes of having the best time in the quest for a great nightlife will surely find what he or she is looking for. Filipinos are known to be very hospitable to guests. A tip is to find a Filipino to show a foreigner the best places for these nightlife events. A local is the best guide for any immersion into an unfamiliar cultural endeavor.

Key cities that provide great nightlife in the Philippines include: Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Iloilo. These cities are very accessible as most of them have international airports and loads of entertainment options.