More Pals with the Pal Plus App

Is it the new app in town? Technically it is because it was relaunched by the developers, Cubie Inc. This is the new app you need to download when you’re looking for like-minded pals that you can share stuff with and talk to every day.

PalPlus App-1

About the Pal Adding App

Pal+ (pronounced pal plus) “was made with the goal to create an interactive place that lets people meet based on the similar interest that they share.” – from the Pal+ website.

Depending on how tech savvy you are, it may take a while for you to wrap your head around what the app really is but to put it simply, think about it as Tumblr or a different version of Facebook – you share your videos, thoughts, pictures and so on and then people like them or comment on them. You can chat with other users of the app, you can also call them and do all sorts of fun stuff. You’ll also be able to access boards which are topic categories for posts. Do you get it yet? Don’t worry, here’s a guide to make things easier.

How to Use Pal+ on Your Phone

1. Download the app through the Play store or App store.

2. Sign up with your mobile number. The app will automatically detect which country you’re in so all you have to do is input your number and your name on the spaces. Click on next and wait for the 4-digit verification code which will be sent via SMS.

3. Input the 4-digit code. After that, several windows will pop-up, asking you to allow the app to access certain parts of your phone like the contacts.

4. Now you can input your Pal+ ID by clicking on ID and Setup. You’ll have to enter a nickname and a password.

5. Once you’ve done that, you can now browse through the content of the app.

6. Forums – this is where you access different posts from different users. You can choose to comment on pictures, video and more to start a conversation or just state your opinion.

  • Categories – pressing on this will lead you to a page that has different topic categories like Sports, Lifestyle, Music and Entertainement, Pictures and Photos and a whole lot more. These pictures or categories are called boards.
  • Favorites – this section will be empty when you’ve just downloaded Pal+. To populate this section, search for a board that you can favorite You can do this by entering a board and then pressing the heart icon on the upper right side of the board.
  • Trending – this section contains popular posts.

7. Chat – this section is for sending messages to other Pal+ users.

  • Zigzag icon – for doodling
  • Picture icon – for sending picture from your camera roll
  • Camera icon – for taking new pictures to send
  • Youtube icon – for sharing YouTube videos
  • Microphone icon – for voice messages
  • Phone icon – for calling
  • Clapboard icon – for sending vidoes
  • Map icon – for sending your location

8. Pals – this section is the control center for your pals and your groups. You can also find contacts, pals on Facebook as well as people’s Pal+ IDs here. A useful feature that you can access on the Pals section is the QR code. So that you can add pals easier, all you have to do to add them to your contacts is by scanning their QR code. They can scan yours too and your details will be automatically saved into their Pal+ app.

9. Interact – this is the section where you can see all the activities you’re doing on Pal+.

Making Friends with Pal+

After readng the pictures, you may have figured how easy it is to make friend using Pal+. It is the goal of the app, after all. You can post and interact with the people who comment on your posts or you can enter boards and leave your own comments for people to reply to. Pal+ is a great app with a lot of fun potential. Download Pal+ today, build your pal list and begin making friends.