Manila’s Relaxed Nightlife Options

The term “nightlife” always has a connotation of noise, rowdy people, partying, and lots of alcohol. This is maybe due to the fact that this term is universally accepted as equated to night partying, socializing, and drinking with friends and loved-ones. Manila’s nightlife does not escape this connotation, but the city also offers more reserved, relaxed and easy going options..

Manila offers a nightlife that can be at par with those from other countries. The place, music, lights, food, drinks, staff, and even party mates can be compared to those nightlife places in other countries. However, Manila can also offer an alternative “nightlife” to those seeking more intimate, reflective, and toned-down yet still belongs to the culture of nightlife earning its reputation to extend until the wee hours of the morning.

Manila introduced its relaxed nightlife in the recent years, to be the getaway place of people who find partying a little bit as not their niche. The patrons of this relaxed nightlife are those who want to treat their nightlife as a way of relaxing, yet still socializing and enjoying. Those who avail of Manila’s relaxed nightlife are more of professionals on their 30s to the middle adulthood. Most of these people had already experienced the ‘noisy” type of nightlife and now want to try the relaxed form, for they have nothing else to prove anymore- about partying of course.

Manila’s relaxed nightlife includes long dinners with a nice banter with friends and or loved ones. It is a normal scene wherein dinner starts at 7 pm and ends at 11 pm. This can be followed up by a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying some sweets at the same restaurant. Others choose to eat at a restaurant and then hop to a pastry or coffee shop and continue to have a lovely chat until who knows what time! The advent of the coffee experience culture has helped perpetuate this relaxed nightlife. In Manila, one can find a lot of coffee shops that are opened 24 hours a day.

Still, others prefer to indulge in pampering themselves by having a massage, sauna afterwards, and a facial scrub to cap the evening off. This is usually done in a group which means that the socializing factor is not completely cut-off. Other spas also offer ‘little’ services such as foot massage for those who are budget conscious but are in need of pampering.

Other laid-back nightlife options in Manila include music houses, or lounge bars, with relaxing music such as jazz or acoustic sounds. These places offer drinks that are more for relaxing than partying. For the wealthy population, the five star hotels and restaurants offer a laid back and culture rich nightlife. Poetry reading, jazz or piano concerts, art galleries and such are also a type of relaxed nightlife that the Manila offers.