Mandarmani: Driving On Sandy Trails

Head south from Kolkata and drive for a distance of about 180 kilometers towards a quiet beach destination on the Bay of Bengal called Mandarmani. Known only to the avid travelers on the east coast, Mandarmani is an upcoming tourist destination located in southern district of Purba Medinipur in West Bengal.

The best way to reach Mandarmani would undoubtedly be to hire a car from Kolkata and enjoy a ride through rural Bengal. The last ten kilometers of the journey is, however, a tiresome one since the roadways are not that well developed due to the absence of any industry in this area until very recently.

You might also opt to take a train down to Contai, which is the nearest station to Mandarmani, but there is no respite from the last few kilometers of rugged roads that have to be covered on wheels. The sight that your eyes will feast on, however, upon reaching this destination, is enough to compensate for the trouble you took to reach here.


The beach at Mandarmani is a quiet one, covered with silt. At the end of the beach, there is a delta where a river meets the sea, which makes it a picturesque place to visit.

Do not be surprised if you see a car whiz past you while you leisurely stroll down the length of the beach. The beach here is a hard one since the silt is bound tightly and does not get washed away by the waves, unless it is that which is at the fringes of the shoreline. At about 15 kilometers, this stretch of the beach is possibly the longest motor-able beach in the country. A drive on the beach might be absolutely necessary for you too, since it is often the only way to reach the resort or the hotel you have your booking at.


The sea here is quiet and tranquil and matches the atmosphere of the place. Due to the relative isolation from the rest of the country and sparse tourist activities here, Mandarmani is an ideal getaway for a private vacation on the beach.

Whether you bathe in the sea, play volleyball, observe fishermen doing their day’s work or just sit on the beach admiring the sunset, you will almost certainly discover a sense of peace irrespective of whether you were searching for it.