How To: Starting a Love Relationship With an Asian girl

Most guys would say that reading a girl’s mind is impossible, and they’re probably right. However, there are certain clues that tell you a woman’s into you, such as her body language when you’re around and the questions she asks. You can also think about how she reacted to your questions, particularly those about dating.

Lets Begin
Dating an Asian woman means being extra alert to signs of attraction because the traditional Asian girl is eager to let the guy lead the interaction. She will be watching for signs that you’re serious, and that you’re not playing games. She will also want to tread carefully because of your differences in culture.

That said, you should take care not to come on too strong because she might think you’re into having only casual sex, and not into starting a relationship with her.

So, what can you do to start a love relationship with an Asian girl?

First of all, when you notice that she likes you, deepen your friendship with her until you’re “almost” on dating mode, but not quite. In short, be her special friend.

I know that some guys would tell you about “friendships that never blossom” but with an Asian girl, being special friends for an extended period of time is necessary. She needs to get to know you better, and you also need to understand where she’s coming from. Remember, she’s adjusting to your personality and you’re adjusting to hers. It will take a while before she opens up to you completely, so take your time and ask “friendly questions” for now.

The what-if type of questions is good. For instance, you want to meet up with her someday (i.e. if you met her online), say “What if we were to meet on Christmas? Let’s say I’ll come visit you. Where in the city would you take me?“ .

Next, communicate your emotions via email.

The email is so convenient that some guys forget to express themselves fully. Here’s a tip for you. Make each email count by writing something longer than “hello, how are you today”. If possible, tell her about your day, but don’t focus only on the trivial details. Tell her about what you feel, things that reminded you of her during your day, and what your last thoughts are before you went to bed the other night. Women love to hear about these things, and Asian women, because they don’t want to be forward, will be happy to see you showing a sentimental side without her prodding.