Live and/or Retire in Thailand? The Top Thailand Video Bloggers to Watch

Want to escape the 9-5 grind and the hustle of western life? Is Thailand the answer? Well, you can find out so much from the guys and girls that have been there and done that.

So many people who are disenchanted with western life, they are not happy, they can’t seem to get ahead, they have or had crappy relationships for one reason or another, and life is like a sad version of groundhog day.

They need a circuit breaker and they want to feel alive again. And, it’s at that point that South East Asia, and probably Thailand that pops up. Friendly people, Buddhist culture, beautiful beaches, rainforests, civilized cities, great food, and it’s affordable.

But swapping out cultures and packing up and going overseas is no small task. So, take in some wisdom the people who have been there and done that.

Here are some of YouTube’s most popular video bloggers talking about exactly that, moving from a western country and living in Thailand. A lot of these guys have lived there for several years, worked there, built homes there, got married there, and even started businesses in Thailand.

A lot of their videos cover living in Thailand inc. moving there, cost of living, relationships, dating, food, travel, nightlife and even bar girls.



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