Kho Phi Phi: The Beach and Things to do there

The movie The Beach, released back in 2000, featured a young man (Leonardo de Caprio) seeking change in his life, so, he decided to travel to a place where he’d never been before only to find out that it wasn’t enough for him.

While pondering his thoughts away during a sweat-inducing night in his room in Thailand, he met a seemingly eccentric fellow who gave him a map to a secret island. The rest is history and most of you probably already know how the movie ended.

What remained, however, was the idea of the secret island being the beach — breath-taking, beautiful, with crystal clear waters, untouched. Like most of  you, and that includes myself, I wondered right after seeing the movie if there was such a place.

It is only recently, in my young adult years, that I found out that there was and that was because of a few of my friends’ visited the beach, only they didn’t call it that. They called it: Phi Phi Islands.

Getting there

Phi Phi Island(s), as the name suggests, isn’t exactly just one big island. Their are other islands that make up the entire area. There’s Phi Phi Don, the largest and most populated, Phi Phi Le which is the exact location for “The Beach”. There are others too but let’s concentrate on these two. I didn’t know that personally.

To travel to the Phi Phi Islands, you need to take a boat from  Krabi, Phuket, Ao Nang or Ko Lanta. You can check the various schedules online but since it’s the most popular island around, you’ll sure that they’ll have a few trips lined up.

Things to do in Koh Phi Phi

1. Visit Kho Phi Phi Leh

Since we talked about “The Beach” earlier, let’s take a closer look at Kho Phi Phi Le.

According to most visitors, you won’t be able to stay at that part of the island because there are no accommodations available. You can still spend half a day or the entire day there just basking under the sun and taking in possibly the most beautiful view you have ever seen.

BONUS: Check out the tours available when you’re in Phi Phi Leh. What you need to watch out for is a tour that let’s you swim with the glowing planktons that appear when the sun sets.

2. Rent a boat and go around the island

It’s not just Kho Phi Phi Don and Kho Phi Phi Le that you need to visit. You can rent a boat for half a day or the entire day to see the rest of the beautiful island. Ask the man that’s rowing the boat and he’ll take you to either of the following: Maya Bay, Lo Samah, Phi Leh Bay, Viking Caves and Monkey island.

3. Go snorkeling

With waters so clear, you can practically snorkel anywhere. Common snorkeling spots include Lo Samah and Maya Bay. You’ll see that the waters are unbelievably clear and blue, the perfect setting for some snorkeling fun.

4. Do some shopping

Just dying to get that I <3 Phi Phi t-shirt? You can bet that they have that their along with other beach items like sarongs, hats and loads of souvenirs. You’d have to get your legs ready because, like we said earlier, there won’t be any motorcycles or bicycles. You have to go on foot.

5. Enjoy the night life

Just wait until the sun sets. You’ll be right at home if you’re a party animal. You’ll enjoy fire dances, boxing shows and other night time entertainments. The island kind of transforms at night so brace yourself for a crazy night ahead.

6. A few more ideas