Introducing Palawan Island Philippines

Palawan Island in the Philippines is a unique location in the Philippine map, starting with its unique location. It is a long and thin strip of land off the coast of the west Philippine sea. None of Palawan’s main soil is connected to any of the three major Islands of the Philippines namely: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Palawan’s unique geographical location makes it an exciting destination for local tourists and international tourists alike. Most Filipinos will agree that Palawan is still the most undiscovered Island in the Philippines.

In recent years, tourism in Palawan boomed because of the popularity of Puerto Princesa Underground River, which also made it to the cut of the new Seven Wonders of the World. In addition to this, more and more municipalities, cities, and even tiny islands are opening up for tourism. Palawan can vie for an undisputed claim to be the haven of natural resources including fauna, flora, and thousands of different species living in the island.

This makes Palawan on the top list of tourism in the Philippines. It is home to enigmatic caves, astonishing limestone cliffs, breathtaking mountains, clear waterfalls, and of course turquoise waters. That is how rich in natural beauty Palawan is. Moreover, Palawan is also known as a diving destination for lovers of the underwater world. Palawan has it all. From mountains to the top, down to the rich marine life, Palawan has everything of these to offer its guests.

These natural resources continue to put mystery at the heart of Palawan. Going there will seem that there can never be enough time to explore everything that Palawan wants to show. There simply cannot be enough time. From the cliffs of Coron, to the clear waters of El Nido, down to the lime stones of Puerto Princesa, Palawan will never run out of views to offer its visitors.

Palawan does not only have natural beauty to boast about. Resorts and hotels abound in Palawan, each offering a different Palawan experience. One of the most noticeable to write about is the Amanpulo resort. This resort is located on its own island, is also found in Palawan. This is the place to go for those who are looking for the higher end of luxury. Visitors can only go here through chartered flights.

Palawan can be a destination both to the budget conscious and the lavish traveler. Commercial flights from budget airlines travel to Palawan daily with several flights. There are also ships that sail from the capital city of the Philippines for those with a really tight budget.

Yachts and chartered flights are also available for arrangements for those who want to try the luxurious side of Palawan. These means of transportation are going to take its passengers to the private islands of Palawan.

Palawan is best to visit in the months of February to May, or during the summer season in the Philippines. There are very rare chances of delayed or canceled flights. Moreover, the views are best appreciated during the hot season.


Palawan Map