Indian Culture and People

lord_ganeshaIndia, one of the mighty Asian countries’ is rich in its own cultural and varied heritage. It’s the world’s 2nd most populous country after China with over 1 billion population. With a simple glance at India, one can see so many differences in the day to day life and social life.  South through North, East through West, India has its own culture and tradition. South Indians are commonly referred to as Indians, while the Aryans, the Sindh’s, Punjabis, constitute the rest of the Indian population.

Time has witnessed a lot of changes in the social activities of the people here. In this advanced era, people are trying to adapt themselves to the western culture. Even in terms of dressings, fashion, dating and romance, the west has got a clear influence in the Indian society. Nowadays the true Indian tradition resides only in the Indian villages. With the upcoming of towns and cities, people have changes their appearances to become adaptable to the new life and customs keeping their old traditions and rich values in their hearts.

In older days Females were restricted to their own household works, while these days one can find a few of them in pubs, smoking and drinking. There are still some exceptions as in all other cases. Youths here are already a victim of the upcoming latest western trends and have already started on their dating in their school days. Increase in the sex education through television and cinemas have also lead to an increase in the dating and romance ideas. Bunking their college and dating is a fantasy among the Indian youths. Increase in the romance culture has also led to many extra marital affairs and many marriages ending up in divorce.

Though a lot number of romances can be spotted, very few of them are serious love, others being mere playful flirting.  Dance clubs, Pubs, cafes and parks are the favourite location of the dating couples.  Individuals try to keep themselves in some sort of relationship till their marriages just for time pass and emotional fulfilment. Guys are usually attracted to well-dressed females with high feminine characters and girls try their lot to keep themselves fit n fine. Dating and romance ranges from school to office levels. Dating partners can either be a colleague or an outsider that does not matter anymore. The generation gap also has led to the increase in the social and cultural outlook. The parents living and thinking in a very traditional way and the kids being brought up in the current world thoughts has often led to clashes in many families. The parents are being conservative about their kids and kids wanting their freedom often end up in a big misunderstanding. Some people treat this western influence on Indian society as a blessing while some feel it an absolute curse. Well, time only can show what actually this trend will end up with!