I Chat, You Chat, We Should all WeChat

Looking for a messenger app that will give you a more personal experience? You’re probably looking for WeChat, an app that’s been said to have half a billion users worldwide.

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What’s this app?

“Over a half billion people use WeChat, the free messaging & calling app that allows you to easily connect with family and friends across countries. It’s the all-in-one communications app for free text, voice & video calls, moments, photo sharing and games.” – from the WeChat app description

Feature Spotlight

  • Voice Chat – lets you have a conversation on the WeChat app using voice messages.
  • Group Chat – want to talk with multiple people at the same time? Group chat lets you do that.
  • Moments – this section is similar to how Instagram works. You take a picture of a “moment” and then share it with your WeChat friends. You can also share it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Call – this feature allows you to contact another WeChat user by calling him/her.
  • Video Call – this feature allows you to video chat on WeChat.
  • Sticker Gallery – be more expressive while chatting by using stickers.
  • Broadcast Messages – allows you to send one message to multiple people.
  • Friend Radar – want to see where your friend are? Turn this feature on and tell your friends to do the same.
  • Favorite Messages – now you don’t have to scroll through a long text thread to find one message. You can just favorite it.
  • Group Chat QR Code – send this code to your friends to allow them to join a group chat.
  • Chat History Backup – no need to worry about losing old messages on WeChat because of history backup.
  • Web WeChat – this messenger app is also available on PC.
  • Shake – turn on your location service, use the Shake feature and meet new people who are also using the Shake feature.
  • People Nearby – basically lets you see WeChat users who are near you.
  • Walkie Talkie – this fun feature lets you use your phone as a sort of walkie talkie.

Focusing on Meeting Friends

WeChat is an exciting app that you can use to make new friends and meet new people. If you use it’s special features like Shake, People Nearby and Friend Radar, you’ll easily find and meet other WeChat users.

There’s, of course, other ways of meeting new people via WeChat and of them is to visit the apps official forum. Once there you can visit topic boards like WeChat Friends and WeChat Interesting to see what people are talking about. Interact, exchange WeChat IDs, scan QR codes and so on – there’s so much you can do in the forums to build up your WeChat contacts. You can even Google up other forums to meet new WeChat friends in.

Just make sure to give your WeChat a rest from time to time because it is highly likely that you will keep using the app once you’ve experienced its fun and useful features.

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