How to Show Your Love to Your Asian Girlfriend

If you’re in a relationship with an Asian girl, you might have noticed her tendency to “serve” you and thought, “hey could this be a put on?” or “how long is this going to last?” If you have had these thoughts for a while, banish them from your mind right now. A girl with an Asian background is predisposed to submissive behavior, so it’s not just a put on.

You might have heard about the legendary submissive nature of Asian women. Have you ever wondered where that tendency to be a follower rather than a leader in a relationship comes from? It has a cultural basis.

Most countries in Asia started with a tribal system of government. In these tribes, men and women have their own roles. The men protected the community and the women took care of maintaining the home. Centuries later, these roles in the Asian society are still evident, even with women empowerment and more liberal mode of thinking.

Typically, women in Asia nowadays have jobs and even have busy careers, but they’re expected to put family and the home first at all times. In a way, most homes in Asia have helpers, even the middle-class families, because of these roles. The helpers are there because the woman of the household needs someone to maintain the house while she goes to the office or is handling the business.

Men are supposed to be bringing home the bacon for the family and are not expected to contribute much to doing household chores. Women are trained early on to serve the men and they are expected to abide by the rules set by men in society and inside the home.

What does this mean to you? Your Asian girl may be more traditional than you think, but this doesn’t mean you have to be lax romantically. You might enjoy not being pressured to do chores, but it would warm her heart if you willingly take the initiative to help out. Here are some ways to do that…

1. Make dinner for her.




Take the responsibility to make dinner off of her hands at least a few nights a week if you can. This may take a bit of planning, but it will be well worth it. Even if she gets home before you do, offer to take over and finish the meal.


2. Give Her a Massage.



Asian ladies are extremely sensual, and a massage is one sure way to keep her loving you. Remember hot baths? Run a bath for your girl and offer to massage her later. This way, she gets a much-deserved break and you get points for being the most loving boyfriend in the world.


3. Pick up after yourself.



Because Asian women are wired to take care of household chores, she will find it sweet if you can lighten her load by putting your own things away. Remember, if she has less to do around the house, she will have more free time to spend with you.

Loving an Asian girl doesn’t require a big production. She’s very sensitive and eager to please, so cherish it and make sure you don’t get spoiled rotten.