How to Meet Single Thai Girls

Thai women are some of the most beautiful on the planet and have a wonderful personality to match so you really can’t blame us guys for adoring them.


In this article, I’m going to tell you why everything you know to date is wrong, why it’s wrong, and why so many guys end up lost in Thailand and jumping from balconies. I’m not kidding, it happens way too much.


What I am also going to tell you how to successfully meet Thai girls, and understand the different Thai girls, and help you to not end up becoming a mess to scrape up off a Thai footpath. Why talk about this phenomenon in relation to meeting girls? They are interrelated in a big way, I’ll explain more about that at the end. First, let’s get onto a happier note and how to meet genuine girls in Thailand.


Here’s why everything you know so far about Thai girls is wrong.

Yes, you went to Youtube and typed in ” Thai girls” and look at what you found, endless videos of bar streets, girls in g strings walking around in public, ladyboys, bar girls, gogo girls, coyote girls, guys in Bangkok taking escorts back to their rooms, and on and on. What if I told you, that’s not the real Thailand?

Go online, there are so many stories about guys who “hooked up in Bangkok”, got laid twenty minutes after getting off the plane in Pattaya, or had three girls in one night in Phuket. It’s all true. They’d have you believe that they are some kind of stud and that Thai girls are ‘easy’ and how they ‘fall’ for the foreigner. And you can go there and experience the same thing. no doubt about it, it’s there waiting for you. Don’t forget your wallet.

The truth is, and the point that I am getting too is that what you have seen and read about so far is a handful of streets and small areas located in a few cities in the country.

Bangkok as an example, there are several popular haunts such as Soi Cowboy, Soi Twilight, and Nana Plaza where you’ll find go go bars, bar girls, massage dens and so on. In total, they probably cover a combined area of 2 sqm in a city that is 1.5 million sqm in size. It is such a small, minute fraction of the real Thai society.

Another example, whilst there are no conclusive figures, US studies suggest there are between 76,000 and 300, 000 sex workers inc male and female. Thailand has a population of 68 million. Again it is such a minute fraction of society.


Finding and Meeting REAL Thai girls



So, now you can see the bigger picture right? There are hundreds of thousands of single Thai ladies, that have nothing to do with the sex industry, most likely abhor it, and are looking for genuine love and a long-term permanent relationship.

Girls from this group genuinely seek to find Mr. Right that will become their husband. It’s truly not in a young Thai girls nature to play around, especially before marriage. Of course, there are girls that are less traditional than others, including single girls that have been in relationships before and girls that have broken marriages.

There are girls that come from the rural areas, maybe their level of English is low, and education level is low, then there are girls who are highly educated and more and more every day with university degrees.

Are you starting to follow the picture I am painting here? All these girls have different expectations of their man from a perspective of their education level, their socio status, and how the relationship will play out if one begins.

So, you really need to find your match, and you really need to understand that girls expectations. If you just want a casual relationship, don’t chase after a girl that’s seeking a husband, because she is going to drag you through all kinds of dates, tests, and maybe even family meetings. Likewise, if you’re seeking a long-term relationship, perhaps with kids off into the future, chase the right girls who are also seeking that.

What do these single Thai girls look for in a man?

As I alluded to in this article The Secrets To Hooking Up in Thailand [plus finding a girlfriend] there are five key points being; a man they can trust, a man that can care for them, a man that will be with her through the ages, a man that can support her (and her family if need be), and a man that can respect her family.

Understanding Thai culture is key here. You may not necessarily need to be that super buff guy to partner with an extraordinary beauty if you are truly genuine to her. Sincerity is everything.

Where to meet Single Thai girls?

Forget bars. Well, at least the bars that you see on youtube. There are lots of more local orientated clubs, and upmarket jazz and wine bars where you can meet genuine girls. But, that’s still only a small percentage as most don’t ever step foot into a bar.

I am going to tell you that the best place to meet Thai girls is out in the real world. What do I mean? I mean let chance takes its action. Get out there to the markets, spark up conversations, honestly, Thai women are the most approachable females on the planet. Just be polite and wear a big smile, as simple as that.

Other places include where Thai girls go to relax and for this, it’s nature parks. Other suggestions are coffee shops and places that you also enjoy being which may include yoga studios, gyms and so on.

My best tip is to get online early. There are a ton of dating sites these days and you should be making use of them. Now, of course, it’s hard to know what is real, and what is not, in an online world but your not making any contracts here.

Set your limit of investment at friends. Until you meet and continue on to see where things go at some later date. While in the online stage meet up with as many girls as you can, and be honest about that with everyone, that you enjoy making friends. From this, you can learn more about culture, more about the different types of Thai personalities and start to establish a feel for what you like and who may like you.

You can also learn a great deal about the culture, and even language before you have even stepped foot in the country.

Check out my list of the top apps and dating sites in Asia here.

A side note, never ever send money. There are lots of people who go online establish a relationship, and then roll out a story about their father who is sick and they have no money. It plays to human nature of wanting to help others in need and it’s not likely to be genuine. Say no, and move on.

Most girls on the dating sites, at least the ones listed via the link mentioned earlier, are genuine but there will always be a few who know they can play on lonely guys. Usually, their profiles are vague, images seem off, and just well, I’m sure you’ll get the feel for it.

Look for profiles that have several selfies in different places, everyone has a camera phone these days and there is no excuse for just one photo, or blurry shots, or shots that look like they were taken in 1980.

Once you have several months online experience under your belt you’ll be ready for a trip there and have a few friends to meet along the way, and have some inside knowledge of culture and language. It’s invaluable.



Go Go Bars and Bar Girls – and balcony jumpers.



Going to some of the places such as Pattaya Walking Street, or Soi Cowboy, Soi Twilight, Nana Plaza in Bangkok, or Patong in Phuket will likely blow your mind. I’m not going to be some kind of prune here, by all means, go and let your hair down and have some fun if that’s what you have a yearning for.

But understand it’s an illusion, or a show is perhaps a better way to describe. And it’s a show put on for the paying customer. Don’t go there looking for love.

And don’t forget to leave, there are so many guys who simply lose their marbles in this place. It’s as if it’s too much for the circuits of the brain to handle, and they can’t let go, they keep going back for more and more. Drinking and chatting to the forever friendly scantily clad girls who are always ‘up for it’. Like some kind of male utopian been commercial that they don’t want to leave. I really can’t blame them.

But sadly, it’s not sustainable, the constant drinking, sex becomes boring and they start looking for other highs, and there is no shortage of people willing to sell them that. Next, they realize the people that they thought were friends are just leeches sucking their blood until the well runs dry.

And when that well does run dry, there is nothing, just a huge vacuum and for many, it becomes game over.

Don’t be that guy. Money can’t buy you love. Just go to see the show, have fun and go. 🙂