How to Make a Mario Bento

(Learn more “Bento How Tos” @¬†Minicuteclub‘s Channel)

What’s more Asian than bento boxes? If you don’t know what they are, they’re different kinds of food, placed neatly together inside a plate that has partitions. Traditionally, a bento box was used to take some food out but now, it’s commonly found in many Asian restaurants (especially Japanese and Korean).

In a lot of Asian films, particularly Japanese, giving someone a specially made bento box is a sign of your appreciation and/or affection. There are a lot of ways to show these but you’d have to admit that making a bento box like this and giving it to a special someone says that you really made an effort. Wouldn’t you be impressed if someone gave you something like this?

Yes, you would!

Let’s recap the ingredients that you’ll need in the video so you can prepare it ahead of time:

  1. White rice –¬†This is for Mario’s face, ears and nose. Optional: Mix Salmon Furikake into the rice to give it some warmth.
  2. Saran wrap – For molding the rice.
  3. Ketchup – To add color to the rice for Mario’s hat.
  4. Seaweed – To make the eyes and other accents on the characters.
  5. Cheese – To make the eyes and other accents on the characters.
  6. Mayo – You only need a little bit so you can make the eyes gleam.
  7. Toothpicks
  8. Cherry tomato – This is for the mushroom.
  9. Quail egg – Also for the mushroom.
  10. Fat straw – To accurately cut out circles from the cheese.
  11. Tamagoyaki – Japanese omelette. If you don’t know how to make this one, you can check out videos on YouTube. They’re pretty easy to make.
  12. Soy sauce – To put the finishing touches on the box with the question mark (you’ll see in the video).
  13. Your very own bento box.

Now you’re ready! You can give this to your special someone or you can eat it yourself at lunch time in school.

Have fun making the Mario Bento!