How to Know if an Asian Girl Is In Love With You

Asian girls are demure, modest and sweet, so it might prove to be a challenge to figure out whether she’s into you or not. Self-expression isn’t lacking in the Asian culture, but it may be presented differently from what you’re used to.

Start With Friendship

First things first, you need to be in a love relationship with an Asian girl for you to really feel the brand of caring that she can give. To do this, you have to start as her friend. I know you must have heard from other men that the “friend zone” is a dangerous place to be in, and that you’re more likely to remain as a friend than progress to being a girl’s boyfriend, but for Asians it’s different…

Being her friend first will give her the chance to deepen her feelings for you. It will also help her adjust to your attitude and behavior. The period of “special friendship” should be seen as a positive and not as a negative. Think of it as a trial relationship, which will enable you to find out how compatible you are as a couple, sans the intimacy and the problems with trust.

But until when will you go with the flow and let your friendship work its magic? The answer to this is simple… you remain friends until you see signs that she’s already in love with you.

3 Signs that an Asian girl is in Love With You

1. She confesses her feelings

An Asian girl’s confession is particularly important in your relationship. It marks the start of your “official” romance. Saying the words “I love you” might be second nature in other cultures but in Asia, it’s the relationship equivalent of saying “I do”. Your Asian girl will likely refrain from saying this until she’s completely sure that she means it. That said, it’s safe to say that it can only get better from here on out. Being officially her boyfriend means you can be sweeter to her and more receptive to the bounty of love she has to offer.

2. She’s Extra Conscientious When You’re Sick

An Asian girl loves to worry about the most minor details when you’re sick. This is an indirect way of saying she cares for you. It also means she loves you and wants you to get well so that she can continue loving you.

3. She introduces you to her family

This is the ultimate sign that she likes you. If she asks you to meet her parents, it means she wants them to size you up and approve of you. It’s like saying “here’s the guy I love, what do you think of him?”. When you’re at this point, consider yourself lucky. Your Asian girl is absolutely head over heels in love with you.