How to: Finding a real Khmer Girlfriend

Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder, will leave many guys shaking their heads and wondering that’s for sure. Wondering where they went wrong. Especially true when it comes to relationships, dating, girlfriends, and marriage.

Read this and hopefully, you won’t be joined those guys because truth be told, Khmer people are some of the most beautiful hearted on the planet.


Where do guys go so wrong in Cambodia?


They were good guys when they got off the plane but, alas, they took a wrong turn and ended up in the hands of a bar girl. Mostly this is the case anyway.

It’s also often the case that guys who come here for the first time are leaving behind freshly broken relationships, and, end up walking straight back into another relationship that’s bound to end the same way. They forget to get themselves straight first. That’s another reason.

For other single guys, maybe they have been separated or divorced for some time and in their own country, it can be pretty tough to find a partner once you get past 35. In their city, the bars are for the younger set and they mostly look out of place, online dating can be hit and miss, and it honestly just gets really difficult to find a companion.

Then they land in Cambodia, walk into a bar and suddenly, they have somehow become godlike. Girls rush up to meet them. Beautiful ladies start coming up and asking a bunch of questions, wanting to play pool, and drink with them. What happened? Is this heaven?

They have not had so much female attention since high school days during that early stage when girls think EVERY guy is cool, that’s until next semester when they’ve grown out of it and consider every guy to be a loser.

BUT, alas, you and I know, that the poor lonely soul walked into a girly bar and was nothing more than a fresh piece of meat being thrown out to the hungry sharks. They saw his nice collared western shirt, clean-shaven face, AND that he was wearing socks and nice shoes. He was no bum that had been living here for a few months, his eyes were wide open, a smile from cheek to cheek, and was probably carrying a couple of hundred in his wallet for ‘walk around money’.

Bingo. Yes, bingo, the perfect guy that Cambodian bar girls love. He’ll get sucked into that web of unrealistic wallet draining highs. He’ll believe for a while that he is actually attractive to young girls even though he is twice their age. His ego will start turning on again and he’ll believe that girls actually chase him. That newly fluffed up ego will keep driving him back to that bar again and again, and again.

For this guy, he was looking for love. Love was probably what he really needed. He was the type of guy that was genuine and he just walked into the wrong place.


How to meet real Khmer girls?



I will give you a hot tip. She doesn’t work at the bar.

  • Firstly, you need to learn a little bit, and later a lot, about Khmer culture.
  • Secondly, understand that most genuine Khmer girls don’t go to bars.
  • Thirdly, understand that Khmer women are very very conservative.
  • Fourth, understand the types of Khmer women looking for partners.

I will come back to question of where to find Khmer girls in a minute, let’s dive into some of those questions.


Khmer culture



There is a lot of similarity to Thailand and a lot of the generic Asian cultural norms hold true in Cambodia. It is a Buddhist country, and some families are ultra conservative, especially when it comes to relationships.

For many families, the parents will still take a lead role in choosing a partner for their daughter. Arranged marriages are still commonplace to this day.

Girls will be married off quite early in some cases, as young as 16. As per most cultures of the world, virginity is a virtue and pre-marital sex is widely condoned. Many girls seek to cherish their abstinence even through the to the late twenties and beyond in cases where they are yet to find a partner.

In larger cities like Phnom Penh, it can be much more westernized with girls being far more independent. It’s likely that they will date, perhaps have boyfriends, and seek genuine romance as a path to love and marriage.

On the whole, Khmer women are very conservative and shy to a point. They won’t approach you, or be the instigator, you will need to man up and take the lead on this one. Even when you do man up, it’s likely they’ll rebut you to some degree.

Approaching a Khmer woman is best done as a gentleman. Lewd jokes and talk about sex will fall flat like a tonne of cement, and in their mind, you’ll fall to the lower realms. Courtship with a Khmer girl takes time and in many cases involves no intimacy whatsoever. Some western guys will look for intimacy as a sign that the girl is theirs, don’t expect that here.

I would strongly urge you to understand Khmer history firstly, understand a little about Buddhism in Cambodia, and also get some background in Khmer culture. Also, understand how deeply they love their country and their heritage.

Finances are of key importance to a Khmer woman. She highly values her social status and like all Khmer, seeks to raise it. “Face” is such an important concept here. Also, she wants to know how you can support her, and it’s highly likely that she will need to support her wider family of dependents. This is important to note, and before getting too serious with any Khmer girl you should seek to establish whats going to be expected of you.

Of course, all that does depend somewhat on the type of Khmer girl you meet.


Types of Khmer Girls


The young romantic – young Khmer girls, perhaps after watching numerous Thai TV soaps, are more and more inclined to head down the path of romance and reject arranged marriages. In the end, she will likely accept the family way.


The young romantic nearing 30 and desperate – after rejecting several suggested suitors as arranged by her parents she is now in a position where all the good guys have been taken. And, most guys that are still single are looking for girls younger than her. She will be very open to meeting a foreigner.


The liberated – there are some Khmer girls who are more westernized than most. They have generally grown up in wealthy families and have traveled a lot, and perhaps even studied overseas. In most cases, they are comfortable dating and having boyfriends.


The single mother – may have been married as young as 16 and in the mid-20’s finds herself being a single mother whose husband has become a drunk, run away, gone with another girl, or just couldn’t support her. She wants to find a man to support her and her child. They are happy to date foreigners, even if they don’t speak English and there are obvious language barriers.


The ex-bar girl – there are girls who worked the bar girl or freelancing scene and either want out, or they have reached 30 and find it tough to make money against so many young girls. She will happily say goodbye to that if she meets the right guy that can support her.


SO, How to Meet Khmer Girls?


The simplest and easiest way to meet Khmer girls is at and, also Also, check out my list of dating sites and apps here. I highly recommend it. You can meet different girls, get talking online, and start to learn yours and their likes and dislikes, along with a bit of culture.

Festivals are also a great way to bump into people and make new friends, and there are numerous. The Khmer people are so friendly that you will not find it hard to make new friends while out and about.

They will genuinely be interested in what you are doing here, and what you think about Cambodia, where you are from and so on. Facebook is popular here, and everyone has it. When you meet new people be sure to swap details.

After building a network of friends, and once people get to know you, you’ll find it’s not too long before you meet someone.

Just remember what’s important in the eyes of Khmer people, being ‘face’ and social status, good manners, politeness, cleanliness, friendliness, and financial security. Tick those boxes and you won’t be single for long. Guaranteed.