How to Court an Asian Lady: 3 Essential Tips You Must Know

Asian dating is popular because of the number of Western men who have realized just how attractive and incredibly feminine Asian girls are. One of the first things that men notice is how delicate Asian women look. Asian women in general usually sport that demure look, but the real charm comes from within. An Asian girl is full of the beauty of her culture. Would you like to get to know her better?

If you want to fall deeply in love and start a lasting relationship with an Asian lady, you must know that the old “one-step pick-up” route won’t always work. You have to learn how to court her properly, and here are three tips you can use to do just that…


1. Be curious about her culture

The Asian culture is intriguing to westerners, and this I think is the main reason why Asian dating is popular. Showing interest in your girl’s way of life and the driving force behind the traditions she follows will immediately convey to her your affection. A woman will feel that you’re sincere if you show genuine interest in the factors that shaped her personality, and these include the various family traditions and beliefs that are a big part of being an Asian.

Ask about the different feasts and rituals that her family celebrates. Encourage her to explain to you what these traditions mean to her. Express your desire to partake in such activities. Most of all, tell her that you would want to visit her country someday so that you can immerse yourself in her world.


2. Be patient

It’s rare to find an Asian girl who’s willing to jump into a long term relationship without a period of courtship. She won’t reject you, and it will seem like she’s playing hard to get, but don’t worry. She’s not playing games.

It’s just the way an Asian woman views the dating game. She has to think about your offer for a time and allow herself to warm up to you. She will still communicate with you and even go out with you. The length of time a man spent patiently waiting for the woman to make her decision will increase his value in her eyes. If you’re not one to beat around the bush, you may have a harder time digesting this part of a traditional Asian girl’s notion of dating. Be patient and don’t rush her. It’s worth the wait.


3. Allow her to show her affection in her unique way

Asian women are brought up in a culture where women are the “light” of the home. Even a modern Asian girl will sweetly ask you if you’ve eaten dinner in the middle of a conversation that doesn’t involve food.

In fact, she will even remind you to eat lunch or dinner, or grab breakfast. This is just a way for her to show her affection. So the next time an Asian girl you’re seeing asks you “how are you doing today?”, remember that she means it as a gesture of affection and not just a greeting.

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