How to: Choosing a Gift for an Asian Girl

Gifts are a great way to commemorate an anniversary, a birthday and a holiday. If you’re dating an Asian girl, sending a gift that you’ve chosen yourself is romantic, particularly if the gift tells of your familiarity with her personality and interests.


When choosing gifts for your girl, remember that sentiment takes precedence over cost and function. If you’re sending something expensive, always include a note that will make her feel all warm and fuzzy. Always take note of the important dates, like the anniversary of your first meeting, her birthday and your “commitment” anniversary (the date when she agreed to go out with you).


Sending gifts during these important dates is particularly important if you’re dating long distance. Your romantic gesture will communicate that you’ve been thinking of her and that you want to be with her at the said event.


It’s easy to choose a gift if you already know what she wants. But it doesn’t hurt to ask her what items she has on her wish list. This goes for birthdays and Christmas, but valentines could be tricky.


In some Asian cultures, a girl will normally be the one to send a gift of chocolates to the guy she loves (e.g. in Japan and Korea). However, there are countries in Asia that celebrate Valentines the western way, in which the guy sends flowers to a girl he likes (e.g. in the Philippines).

It’s important to take note of how your girl celebrates a particular occasion so you can send an appropriate gift.


Also, take note of the holidays that are not celebrated in Asian countries. For instance, Thanksgiving (usually celebrated in North America, particularly the US). If you’re currently living in the US and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it’s ok to send a gift that tells her “you’re thankful for having met her”. Even though your girl might not celebrate this occasion, you can still send a gift that tells of your desire to make her a part of an occasion that’s important to you.


This goes for all the other occasions and religious observances that your family celebrates and the traditional celebrations of her homeland and culture. If she is a traditional girl, spend the time and learn all the key dates that are important to her culture, they may not seem significant to you but they are very much so to her.



It’s a good idea to include her family in your Christmas shopping list, but take care not to send a family gift that’s more expensive than what you give her. If you wish to send a gift that her whole family can enjoy, choose staples like coffee and canned goods. Also, don’t send her mom or her dad a gift without giving her something too.


The most important factor you have to consider when choosing gifts for your Asian girlfriend is this… always consider the message behind your gift. For example, giving her an MP3 player will convey your wish for her to have fun if she commutes to work. Make sure you write this down on the card that goes with the gift so that she knows what you were thinking when you chose the item for her.