How to Build Rapport With Your Asian Girlfriend

Dating can be tricky when the woman you like tends to attract a lot of guys. In particular, Asian girls are popular because of their demure nature and submissive behavior. That said, here’s a tip on how you can win an Asian lady’s heart regardless of the number of guys who are chasing her…

Build rapport with her as soon as you meet her. It doesn’t matter if you met her on a dating site, or you were introduced to her by a friend. As soon as you’re face to face, say something interesting or sweet to get her attention. Moreover, have a conversation that will build trust and encourage affection.

Rapport is something you can build instantly, and here are some things you can do to increase rapport as soon as you start talking to an Asian girl.

1. Do Your Homework

Before you go out on a date read up on the latest news, local trends and events. This will help with conversation later on. Moreover, if you’re familiar with the nearest dating spots around your meeting place, you’re more likely to turn an ordinary coffee date into something that she will enjoy. An Asian girl can relax more if the man takes the lead during the date. Suggest something that you can do together, like attending a trade fair or eating in a newly opened restaurant.

2. Act like tourists

If you’re visiting her country, or she’s visiting yours, a “tourist date” is recommended. You can take turns acting like the other’s guide for the day. Have fun taking photos of each other in landmarks. Take turns picking out a native delicacy to eat. Most of the time acting like kids and letting loose. You’re seeing a different side of your partner’s personality and she gets to see your adventurous nature.

3. Learn a Phrase or Two

One of the best ways to build rapport is to speak the other person’s language. It’s a good idea to learn your girl’s language. At the very least, learn how to say “thanks” or “hello” in her language. You can progress to more complex sentences like “I think you’re very beautiful”. Here’s another tip for you. Ask her to teach you a phrase or a word, then find a way to say it during the conversation.

Once you’ve built rapport, it’s easier to get a girl to like you. Your jokes will never be off because she will be able to tell when you’re just kidding. Moreover, you will have a lot more to talk about when you’re relaxed around her and eager to learn more about her culture.