Finding [and Dating] Asian Girls on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to meet and connect with others, be that through groups or as friends. The Facebook Messenger app makes it too easy to chat, share photos, and keep connected. Language is no barrier to meeting a beautiful girl with Messenger having translate functions and it’s also possible to use Google Translate.

Facebook is popular in most Asian countries excepting where it’s blocked, for example, China where without FB leaves WeChat ruling the roost, or perhaps better put, owns the roost (and the whole farm for that matter). Of course, Taiwan and Hong Kong still have access to FB. Countries like Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, for example, all have access and FB is quite popular.

Before we jump into how to find Asian girls on Facebook, let’s get things right with your profile.


Sharpen up your profile


Would you go to meet a stunning girl that makes your heart do backflips wearing your gym shirt that hasn’t been washed since you don’t even remember when?

Same with your FB profile, make it look attractive. Any girl that has the slightest interest in you is going to scope that thing out, so show her the best of yourself. Your profile picture is super important, it may be the reason that leads her to click through to your profile and accept your friend request so make it a good one. A photo of just you, smiling and looking straight into the camera usually does the trick.

Setting your relationship status to Single, don’t form suspicions in a girls mind, be clear, if you leave it blank she could be led to thinking you are a player looking for some side-line action.



How to find other Asian singles on Facebook
You can search and join groups, especially groups that you genuinely have an interest in. Maybe it’s a Korean pop band, a city related group, language exchange etc.

I don’t think it gets far searching for “Asian girls/singles” or the like, mostly you’ll just hit up against advertisers and paywalls. Be more specific and narrow it down to searches that include country or city name and you’ll find loads of groups that you can sift through to join.

Language exchange groups are a great way to communicate with a potential partner and learn some language along the way. Most girls at university and in the workforce are keen to learn and improve their English and will jump at the chance to chat online as private tutors can be expensive.

With groups, it is some effort, but once you start making some connections, you can then use the Facebook Find Freinds tool to search for friends based on mutual friends and start expanding your network that way.



First Contact


Begin with a message, it can be a bit odd to receive a friend request from a complete stranger and it’s quite a heavy choice to make for some as to whether to add a person or not, without a good reason most would choose not. So, start with a message.

What to put in your first message? Make the opening sentence interesting, talk about something in her profile, be witty and upbeat.

Of course, you can also post directly on her wall, like here posts and comment on her photos too. BUT, you don’t want to go overboard and come across as a stalker, sometimes less is more.

Be sure to have checked out her page in detail, and that you know what she is into and what turns her off. When you are on Messenger you don’t want be saying that you hate Starbucks when it’s plastered all over her page that it’s her favorite hang-out. First date chance blown with that one.

It may take time, but keep dropping comments, likes and the occasional poke doesn’t go astray and eventually you’ll be chatting more often and once your chatting more often it’s time to take from online to offline and exchange numbers.

You can just try offering yours first, it’s a trust thing, put it out there, say something like “if you ever need to chat or speak about anything and I’m offline, here is my number”.

Keep building trust and then it’s time to meet and pop that question to get a date, or keep it informal and just call it coffee. Some girls are shy and may not like to be the center of attraction, I’ve never really found this to be the case with Asian girls but if you do, you could make the first meet up at a place where there is another point of interest, like an art gallery, theme park etc. depending on what she’s into.


Good Luck out there!