Dravidian Culture in Relationships and Marriage

indiaPeople who speak the four Dravidian languages-Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam are referred to as the Dravidians. South Indians (people along Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh) along with a few Srilankans forms this group of Dravidians. These people are usually having a dark complexion with dark hairs and eyes. All the Dravidian languages are very close to each other and have many words in common and so are the people. Dravidians share a pretty good relation between them.  They form a close knit family.

Dravidians are rich in their own cultural heritage. One can find them very helping. At the same time, you can find them conservative when the male female topics come. In olden days male was the money maker and female was restricted to her house work.  A high Majority of the population is literate which makes them more active socially. Even the females are considered equal to men these days.

Muslims, Christians and Hindus are the major religion among the Dravidians. A large number of castes and sub castes are also an integral part here. The differences arising as a part of the various caste system and rituals make the Dravidians very much colourful. Dating is not a common situation here.  Rather I must say these people hardly go out for dates.  Being too conservative and traditional they may not even be familiar with what dating is actually. Majority of the marriages here are arranged marriages. With the change in time, people have started accepting love marriages though many treat it with a negative impact.  They give much importance to religion and caste. Family member usually don’t accept a love marriage if they marry outside their caste or religion which in certain cases many even lead to religious conflicts. This is one of the main reasons behind the arranged marriages being popular among Dravidians.

Dravidian marriages: It usually takes place through a match maker. They believe strongly on the horoscope. Horoscope matching is still very strict among the majority population. Once the family shows their interest on a particular girl, the matchmaker approaches the girls family, who if interested reverts back with the horoscope. If that too is suitable then the girl and boy have their chance to meet which is truly a family affair with the young man with his close relatives visiting the girl’s house. The duo has to like each other for the marriage to happen. Here again more weightage is given to the young man’s liking. If he doesn’t like the girl, the proposal is dropped, but no one gives much importance to the girl’s choice. After marriage the bride and the groom resides at the grooms place among Hindus and Christians, while the couples stay back at the bride’s house Among Muslims. The marriage rituals exhibit slight differences in their rituals.

Living in nuclear families and in a hi-tech environment has made some clear changes in the cultural aspects of the Dravidians. But even in this fast changing world, these people love to stick on to their tradition which they value a lot. People usually tend to be with their same sex in public and won’t get close with the opposite sex. Slowly as the time advances, we can expect more dating and romance in this community.