Asian Culture: Japanese Marriages

japanese_dollCurrent day Japanese marriages differ a lot from the traditional Japanese marriages. The traditional Japanese marriages were usually arranged one, rather than the modern era love marriages. In ancient Japan 90% of the marriages were arranged marriages were both the partners’ even won’t see each other till the day of marriage. Together with the influence of the western culture, love marriages are increasing at a rapid rate which account to less than 10% of marriages being arranged these days.

In older times, the marriages were a result of a night affair, where the guy visits the girls secretly at night and accepts here as his wife, ones she becomes a mother. With the time, Japanese marriages also witnessed wide changes. Previously marriage was the joining of the groom into the bride’s family, which with time has changed to the bride joining the groom’s family.

In the current generation marriages, the youth usually visits the girl’s house, seeking permission form the girl’s parents for the marriage, and with their permission, the grooms family too would visit the girl’s house for the fixing of marriage. Labour and income plays a vital role in the Japanese society and to take the girl’s parents into confidence the youth may have to stay with their family and spend a part of his income for them.

Some marriages occur with the matchmakers help. Here the groom and the bride didn’t have any opinion of their choice. The families would approach a matchmaker who finds a suitable match which ends up in marriage. Offering of rice cakes (Mochi) to the girl’s parents during the grooms visit to the girls house, is still practised in japan.

The Japanese weddings ceremony begins with the bride and groom exchanging 3 cups of ‘Sake’ or alcoholic drinks. This ceremony is referred as ‘San-San-Kudo’. This is followed by the family members having the ‘Sake’. Exchanging wedding rings made of silver or platinum is a common ritual of the present weddings. Modern Japanese marriages are influenced by western Christian tradition with the bride dressing up like a Christian bride. Also marriages are a grand affair that takes places in grand places often near to sea side or a cruise. Traditional marriages here spot the bride and groom in the traditional kimonos. Playing of traditional music and serving of alcoholic drinks are inevitable part of the weddings here.

At the wedding receptions the bride and groom usually introduces the relatives and friends to each other. The receptions are a grand affair with guests dressed up in colourful costumes and kimonos. The guests are served with sumptuous food and drinks, meat and sushi being the major ones. To add more charm to the reception, Music events also takes place.