Asian Culture at a Glance

asian-cultureAsia being the largest and most populous continent on Mother Earth has its own diverse cultural relationships. Asian culture is a truly complex one, with a large number of ethnic groups’ cultural differences lying within the ethnic groups themselves. Asians are rich in their thoughts and deeds.

The south Asia with the Indian subcontinent exhibit a wide range of differences with the east Asia with Japan, China and Korea, the central Asian countries with the Iran Afghanistan, the five former SSR’s  and west Asia with the middle east countries. Regional, along with religious differences, contribute to the cultural diversity.

The West Asian countries are Muslim nations. These countries are male dominated society even in this ultra-modern era. Females usually wear ‘Purdah’ covering their body from toe to head and are not allowed to go publicly in many societies. These people are quite conservative type and don’t mingle much. Dating and romance are not yet a part of their culture. They prefer arranged weddings and love marriages are a very rare happening here. They form a family oriented society.

The East Asian countries mainly follow the Buddhist religion. The East Asians countries are economically rich countries. These countries are having a strong influence of the Western culture on them. Dating and romance are very common and sex industries are prospering here as a result of which people love delaying their marriages and having kids. Both arranged and love marriages exist here. East Asian society is also a male dominated society but slowly being upgraded and females have started to occupy high positions in the current day. People are usually shy at first sight, but once you get close to them, they are friendlier and will respect your values. Racism doesn’t have any point here and all are given equal respect irrespective of the region or language.

The South Asian countries have a majority of Hindus. The South Asian subcontinent exhibits their variance in cultures. With the advance of time, the male dominated society is slowly getting replaced with an equal weightage society. They are reserved people but are quite helpful. The western culture has started to sprout over here making the way for dating, sex and romance. Being a society of arranged weddings with a lot of cultural and ethnic limitations, the western seeds have given rise to a few of the population into love marriages. Love and dating is not that publicly visible as in other Asian countries like japan or western countries. These people have their own methodology of dating and love.

The Central Asian countries follow Islam. They show a very vibrant culture. Their culture is a mix of various culture from India, China, Persia and other Arab countries. In older days these people were treated as the nomads because of their wandering nature rom one region to another. These people are also with a shy nature and give much importance to traditional values rather than the ultra-modern western culture.

With hundreds’ of ethnic communities and cultural variances Asia along with its area and population makes the other world countries feel jealous of her cultural abundance.