Adjusting to a Long-Term Love Relationship with an Asian Girl

If you’re past the stage of courtship and are now deep in a love relationship with an Asian girl, there are certain aspects of your life together that you need to concentrate on; namely, culture shock and adjustment to cohabitation.

Asian women, when they fall in love with Western men, become extremely aware of the things they don’t know. For instance, they’re aware that the way they speak is different from the people around them and they’re not as adept at responding to queries or remarks by other westerners. This has something to do with the unfamiliar accent and the new idioms they have to deal with.

If your Asian girl comes face to face with her limitations, help her out. You can do this by being extremely patient in guiding her through the ropes of being your partner without losing her identity. She knows you want her to try her best and so you need to meet her half way when she does by being considerate as she’s finding her place in your life.



Express your love by being her best friend.

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I say that a woman’s best friend is her husband. Be emotionally available and show her how you feel. Be gentle when you’re dishing out advice and don’t forget that she’s always willing to improve and adjust to the new way of life. Take her by the hand and guide her through the basics. You may need to inform your friends and relatives about her concerns so that they too can be as patient as you are when dealing with her.



Familiarize yourself with her beliefs.

You yourself also need to adjust to certain aspects of the Asian culture; in particular, to a belief system that’s centered on religious practices. If she suddenly sets up an altar at home or adds decoration that tells of her beliefs, don’t scoff. Instead, ask her to explain to you the significance of the things she does so that she can share with you a part of what she considers important.

You don’t have to agree with everything she believes in, but you can make the transition from one life phase to another by tolerating some practices that she brought along with her in your home. Discuss things with her so she won’t go overboard. Moreover, explain to her that you’re not going to agree with everything, but you will respect her culture and her family traditions the best way you can.