A Video on 13 Things Asian Girls Like — True or False?

(Watch the video first)

I recently came across this video that was made by the Fung Brothers on YouTube (yes, I subbed to their channel because their videos are funny). The video is all about a list of 13 things Asian girls like. I thought the video was informative and humorous, and it gave me an interesting view into how Asian girls think in general.

However, after watching the video, I thought to myself: “I’m Asian too. Do I agree with most of the things on the list?”

First of all, you need to remember that Asia is composed of many countries. It’s basically a melting pot of different cultures. I, myself, live in Southeast Asia (the Philippines). I was born here and raised here. Although my country is close to other more well known oriental countries — Japan, China, Korea, etc — the culture is not entirely the same so I thought that it would be interesting to get a Filipina’s perspective on the Fung Brothers’ list of 13 things Asian girls like.

13 Things Asian Girls Like

#13: Being in some sort of dance team

TRUE. I’ve personally been on several dance teams ever since I was a little girl. I don’t really like sports that much, except for swimming so another alternative would be dancing. It’s not only me too. My sister and several of my friends have had the same experience as I did.

#12: Being Foodies

photo: panlasangpinoy.com

TRUE. Most Filipinas like to eat. Some do go on diets but that’s mostly influenced by the Western culture. We can’t really call ourselves foodies but give us two bowls of rice (or one and a half because we’re still ladies and we watch our figure) and our favorite viand and we will finish everything off, cleaning out the bowls and the plates.

#11: Vegas

NOT SURE. I haven’t been to Las Vegas before so I’m not sure if I’ll love Vegas or not. However, I do love Forever21 dresses (to bits) and I do hang out with my girlfriends wearing big shades especially when it’s summer time. It’s hot in the Philippines and big shades make you look more glamorous so it works!

#10: Photoshoot with big elegant dresses

TRUE. My parents made me do it before I turned 18. It was for my debut (kind of similar to sweet 16 in the US). Come to think of it, I’ve had several photoshoots  with big ballgowns ever since I was little.

#9: Fashion Blog/ Makeup Tutorials/ Instagram

GUILTY — TRUE. I love doing makeup tutorials and, as you can tell, I am a blogger. I also have Instagram which explains the Instagram-y photo in this blog post. Social media, in general, is pretty big here in the Philippines so almost everyone has Instagram or some other form of blog or vlog.

#8: Replica Designer Bags

TRUE. The Philippines is really near China so we have easy access to replica items. From makeup to skincare products to clothes and etc. It’s true about what the Asian girl said about different levels for replicas. You’d want to stick to the AAAs (triple As) because they’re the closest to the real one.

#7: Korean Dramas & K-Pop


TRUE. I went through a whole K-period in my life. I was eating and breathing kdramas, kmovies, kmakeup, kpop and anything with “K” on it. Several girls in my country are also the same thing. Does this make us want to date Korean guys? Yes.

#6: Being overachievers

NO, NOT REALLY. Personally, I was an average student by Asian standards. This basically applies to more well known Oriental countries like Japan or Korea. Kids there study until their eyes pop out but in the Philippines it’s different and studying is done sporadically.

#5: Money & People with Money

TRUE. For me personally, yes it’s true but this doesn’t mean that I’m going to like a person less if he or she is not doing well in life. My friends, and most Filipinos, have the same perspective.

#4: Making their eyes look bigger in pictures

YES. Well, my eyes are already pretty round so I don’t have to do this but generally speaking, most girls from my country tend to do that. I guess it’s influenced by K-Stars doing the “Egyo” (애교).

#3: Taking pictures of food

YES.  I have lots of friends that like doing this activity. I do it every once in a while but I do know a few people who do it quite often.

#2: Dating White guys

NOT REALLY. When you go to the Philippines, you’ll observe a lot of Filipinas being married to foreigners (mostly Americans). But when it comes to dating, most Filipinas would rather date someone from our own race.

#1: Cute small things

photo: thecutique.com

YES. I think any girl would like anything cute and small. Won’t they?