A Larger Than Life Remembrance at Leyte Landing

It’s not every day that you could come across some larger than life statues of people who have made a great mark not just in your own country’s history, but in the whole world as well. That is one of the many things that Leyte can boast about not just to Filipinos, but to the whole world even. That is what they call the Leyte Landing.

The very well known Battle of Leyte (which made its mark even in the history of the world) was part of the Pacific Campaign during the Second World War. It took place when the United States and Australian forces, together with the Filipino guerillas under the command of General Douglas MacArthur invaded Leyte to wage war against the Imperial Japanese Army. The battle against the Japanese, headed by General Tomoyuki Yamashita, ran from October 1944 until July 1945. This began the Philippines campaign of 1944-1945 for the recapture and liberation of the entire Philippines, an end to a 3 year reign of the Japanese empire in the country.

Leyte Landing Memorial, also known as the MacArthur Landing Memorial Park, is located in Red Beach, Palo. It serves as a marker of where the American liberation forces of General Douglas MacArthur landed. Formerly known as the MacArthur Park, it served as a commemoration of that historic day. It is made up of larger-than life bronze statues of MacArthur and his company standing in a man-made pool. But one should always bear in mind that aside from its historic value, the location of the memorial is also known for its natural beauty.

The town of Palo is adjacent to Tacloban City, which is just a few minutes away from the Memorial.  There are flights from Manila to Tacloban that lasts about an hour and 10 minutes. There are also available trips by sea from Manila or Cebu. From Cebu, one can take a boat to Ormoc and travel by land to Tacloban. The main mode of transportation in Tacloban remains to be the tricycle and jeepney. You could hire a tricycle as you make your way to the Leyte Landing.

The Leyte Landing Memorial is a remembrance of the historic comeback of the gregarious General Douglas MacArthur together with thousands and thousands of men and hundreds of ships in 1944. That day will always be remembered not just as the beginning of the end of days of the Japanese invasion, but more importantly as the liberation of the country.

For outdoor people who happen to be culture and history buffs as well, a visit to this part of Leyte, Philippines may just be for you. Being in this area is just like being in an “outdoor” history museum. You get to enjoy the sights and learn more about Philippine history just by walking around and sightseeing.

However way people may look at it, the Leyte Landing Memorial will simply be a sight to behold once you get the chance to visit it in Tacloban, Leyte.