A Guide to WeChat Emoticon Meanings

For someone new to online chat, or new to using WeChat, the whole range of emoticons that will get thrown at you while using chat, or even in the moments, can get a little confusing.

In China, Wechat (Weixin) is wildly popular perhaps even taking over from QQ as the #1 social chat platform, so it pays to know how to use it. For most Chinese who grew up using QQ, emoticons, or emoji, are second nature.

Wechat Emoji and their meanings

wechat emoji

It’s very easy to add more emoticons and gifs to wechat

When in the chat screen, press the + button at the lower left hand corner and you can choose from wechat’s top picks. Or, near top right of screen choose ‘marketplace’ and you will see more, or at very top right you will seet a settings icon, click that, then click the word ‘custom’ and then click the ‘+’ button to add images from your phone that can be used in the same way as emoticons.

More on Emoji use in China

Understanding stickers commonly used by Chinese on Wechat

For foreigners, stickers commonly used by Chinese on Wechat can leave you completely lost as to the meaning and suddenly a good conversation can go dead in a hurry. I suggest getting an understanding of the commonly used stickers such as the seven in the video below. Importantly, if you don’t understand a sticker, it’s better to ask as it’s unlikely your guess will be correct.