15 Ways to Love a real Filipino Girl

If you truly want to impress a Filipino girl, and I mean a real Filipino lady, not the girl standing out the front of the bar in the tight shorts with the loose top and come-on smile, then, read on.

Filipino girls are not complicated, and they especially don’t like complicated people, but, that doesn’t mean that they are easy. Understand her, and know her, and respect her with these key points in mind and you will literally light her on fire. With these 15 tips you’ll soon understand how to love a Filipino woman.



How to Treat and Love a Filipino Woman – 15 Ways


  1. Love their family – it is number one. Family is everything and you should understand how deep that runs. Don’t just learn about her, also learn about ALL of her family including relatives. If you do end up in a relationship with the girl, you will also be in a relationship with her family and it’s super critical that you love them like she does, and earn their respect and love.
  2. Food – rice is number one, it’s not a meal unless it comes with rice, please understand. At first, you may find the change to an Asian diet pretty tough but you can do it, and, its probably going to do you a world of good for your health. It takes a month or so, and before long you’ll be craving the same things she does.
  3. Learn to love Kaoroke – for Filipinos, life is lived from the heart and serenading has long been part of their culture. While you won’t find too many guys at the bottom of the balcony wailing their heart to their loved ones above anymore, you can join in on the karaoke session and score super bonus points.
  4. Be humorous – without being an idiot, use your wit and understand that mostly, Filipino girls don’t take life so seriously and love to laugh their way through everything.
  5. Be polite – they are really not fans of loudness, or harsh, abrupt people. Politeness is a points scorer.
  6. Be generous – it doesn’t mean buying luxury handbags or living outside of your means, find a way to express generosity within your means. Most of the times just a sign or symbolism is enough. The girl doesn’t want to feel like she is going to be suppressed into a poverty existence.
  7. Learn her culture – many guys don’t bother with this point and it’s really to their own peril born out of ignorance. The guys that learn the culture, understand the local ways, have a much more enjoyable and smoother experience. She will also be super impressed that you’re making an effort to do so.
  8. Learn the language – continues on from the point above. If you are serious about this, it will have huge rewards to learn her language, at least some basic words and phrases. It will connect you and the family on a much deeper level.
  9. Be straightforward – it’s not a complicated European or Chinese culture, they can very much handle direct speech and direct expression of feelings. They are not fans of complicated people.
  10. Take the lead – do plan special things for her and take her on a journey. Don’t be the lazy guy that sits there and says “what would you like to do”, take her on a magic carpet ride and let her fantasize. In reality, maybe she will complain the whole time, but the fact you planned it and executed it scores points big time.
  11. Be giving – there isn’t any girl who doesn’t love gifts. It can be simple things, but her knowing that you put the thought into doing that means the world.
  12. Understand her submissive nature – and that it’s not a passive nature. She may be shy and reserved but she also is a person who is not afraid to express herself in all the ways available to her in the right place, at the right time.
  13. Be comfortable with her moods – yes, woman have moods, you didn’t know? Learn how there isn’t a logical answer to them from a male perspective and that sometimes, you just need to rest in the doghouse until she fetches you out.
  14. Be patient – continues from the previous point, let her walk her way and make her choices, sure, maybe you can see that it’s the wrong way but that doesn’t really matter, just the feeling of the moment matters, be patient.
  15. Understand her religious side – many Filipinos are devout Catholics but they may express and live out that devotion in ways that are unique to you.  Regardless, for many, it can be a very core to who they are.