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Your guide to Chinese dating and relationships. Along with introductions to Chinese culture.

Chinese Marriage Customs

With the largest population in the world China also has a very old culture and some long standing traditions. There are around 56 identified ethnic groups here and hence a diverse culture. Chinese constitute a collectivistic society and give much importance to others thoughts and opinions. Before committing with anything, they will try to ensure that they are acting right… Read more →

The Essential Must Read Intro: Meeting and Dating Chinese Girls

Chinese women are world renowned for their beauty and demure character making them a popular choice for a life partner. So today, we have our mega one-page MUST READ intro to meeting and dating Chinese women. Where to meet Chinese girls? 1. Language Exchange Learning language, and particularly English, is very popular with young Chinese. English is taught in schools… Read more →

The Lighter Side of Western-Chinese Interracial Relationships

Here’s another hilarious video from the team at Mamahuhu, exploring the funnier side of Chinese/Western love relationships. Take a look: Possibly Related Posts: Ladyboys, Katooey, and the Third Gender Chinese Marriage Customs Exploring Melbourne’s Vibrant Asian Communities Eating in China: The Essential Intro to Chinese Cuisine The Essential Must Read Intro: Meeting and Dating Chinese Girls Updated: Saturday, September 26,… Read more →

Chinese Girlfriends – North vs South

Are you dating a Chinese girl? Or have you considered dating a Chinese girl? Of course your probably aware that’s there’s language barriers in some cases and cultural differences. For many people at first the cultural differences seem small, especially when to people are in love, but, remember the language of love is universal. When the love goggles come off,… Read more →

Beauty Standards in China vs. the West

(video courtesy: Asian Beauty Secrets) This video is an interesting insight into what China sees as beautiful compared to what the West sees as beautiful. Ultimately, topics like Ideal Body Weight (or Shape), Ideal Eye Shape, Ideal Nose, Ideal Faceshape and etc are discussed. Taking a look at what the differences in beauty perspectives are makes one wonder about the different… Read more →