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A series of articles presenting guides and introductions to Asian cultures and beliefs when it comes to relationships, dating and love. Understanding cultural backgrounds can help to foster greater understanding and stronger bonds whether it be for friendship, love relationships, dating or courting.

Exploring Melbourne’s Vibrant Asian Communities

How would it be if I told you that you don’t need a passport to explore Asian communities and cultures? And of course taste all the different and amazing cuisines that they offer? Do you believe me? Well, it’s completely possible in Australia! And how lucky we are. The most popular Asian nationalities represented in Australia are Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian… Read more →

The Lighter Side of Western-Chinese Interracial Relationships

Here’s another hilarious video from the team at Mamahuhu, exploring the funnier side of Chinese/Western love relationships. Take a look: Possibly Related Posts: Ladyboys, Katooey, and the Third Gender Chinese Marriage Customs Exploring Melbourne’s Vibrant Asian Communities Eating in China: The Essential Intro to Chinese Cuisine The Essential Must Read Intro: Meeting and Dating Chinese Girls Updated: Saturday, September 26,… Read more →

Mikey Bustos on A Filipino’s Accent

Accents — everyone has a certain type of accent. This particular one is the usual accent that Pinoys (Filipinos) have. Not all Filipinos sound like this of course– believe me, some sound pretty native, especially those that work in call centers — but it’s pretty accurate, not to mention funny.   Possibly Related Posts: Ladyboys, Katooey, and the Third Gender… Read more →

Christmas in the Philippines is Like…

Christmas — it’s a pretty big deal for every Filipino, may they be overseas or not, may they be young or old, rich or poor. It’s part of the culture, it’s been the tradition and it is innate within everyone in the country. With that said, you’ll be surprised at how all out Filipinos can be when December hits. It’s definitely… Read more →

Things to Know Before Meeting Asian Parents

Ever wonder how meeting your Asian girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s parents is going to be? You’ll find out soon enough because you’ll eventually need to meet them. In some cases where your boy’s or girl’s Asian parents have adopted pretty well to the culture outside of their own, you have nothing to worry about but for really old school ones (and… Read more →

How to Make a Mario Bento

(Learn more “Bento How Tos” @ Minicuteclub‘s Channel) What’s more Asian than bento boxes? If you don’t know what they are, they’re different kinds of food, placed neatly together inside a plate that has partitions. Traditionally, a bento box was used to take some food out but now, it’s commonly found in many Asian restaurants (especially Japanese and Korean). In a… Read more →

Filipino-American Relationships

The culture of the Philippines is a rich and diverse one. Its culture is not defined by a single origin or a single tradition. Because of the experience in trading during the pre-colonial era and the experience in the colonial era of the Spanish, British, American, and Japanese, the Filipino culture is a melting pot of a lot more cultures.… Read more →

The Malays – Kaleide Culture and Marriage

Malaysia has a rich cultural heritage with the Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures blended in a healthy manner. Malays are the native of Malaysia. Malaysians usually give a high importance to the cultures and also respects cultures of other communities and countries. The Malays being the natives of Malaysia constitute almost half of the Malaysian population. As per the constitution… Read more →

Asian Culture: Buddhist Marriages

Buddhism is a religion which originated in India and has spread over many Asian countries. Buddhism doesn’t treat marriages as holy or unholy.  Moreover no one forces an individual to get married. It is wholly an individual affair if to get married or be a monk or remain a bachelor. It doesn’t have any law relating to marriage or having… Read more →

Asian Culture at a Glance

Asia being the largest and most populous continent on Mother Earth has its own diverse cultural relationships. Asian culture is a truly complex one, with a large number of ethnic groups’ cultural differences lying within the ethnic groups themselves. Asians are rich in their thoughts and deeds. The south Asia with the Indian subcontinent exhibit a wide range of differences with… Read more →