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  • The Untold Secrets About Asian Women

    The Untold Secrets About Asian Women

    So you are probably wondering about how to attract Asian women, many men are as it's no secret that a lot of Western men find Asian women particularly attractive. In this article, I am going answer some of your questions about Asian women but, first of all, lets cross one bridge, which is ...

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  • Asian Culture at a Glance

    Asian Culture at a Glance

    Asia being the largest and most populous continent on Mother Earth has its own diverse cultural relationships. Asian culture is a truly complex one, with a large number of ethnic groups’ cultural differences lying within the ethnic groups themselves. Asians are rich in their thoughts and deeds. The south Asia with the ...

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  • Chinese Marriage Customs

    Chinese Marriage Customs

    With the largest population in the world China also has a very old culture and some long standing traditions. There are around 56 identified ethnic groups here and hence a diverse culture. Chinese constitute a collectivistic society and give much importance to others thoughts and opinions. Before committing with anything, ...

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  • Indian Marriages and Cultural Beliefs

    Indian Marriages and Cultural Beliefs

    Being a country with varied cultural differences, a wide range of marriage rituals and beliefs exists in India. The differences in rituals start with the dressing till the ceremony. The north part of country witness a night wedding, the southern India believes in day wedding. Be it north or south, ...

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  • Asian Culture: Japanese Marriages

    Asian Culture: Japanese Marriages

    Current day Japanese marriages differ a lot from the traditional Japanese marriages. The traditional Japanese marriages were usually arranged one, rather than the modern era love marriages. In ancient Japan 90% of the marriages were arranged marriages were both the partners' even won't see each other till the day of ...

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  • Adjusting to a Long-Term Love Relationship with an Asian Girl

    Adjusting to a Long-Term Love Relationship with an Asian Girl

    If you’re past the stage of courtship and are now deep in a love relationship with an Asian girl, there are certain aspects of your life together that you need to concentrate on; namely, culture shock and adjustment to cohabitation. Asian women, when they fall in love with Western men, become ...

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  • How to Show Your Love to Your Asian Girlfriend

    How to Show Your Love to Your Asian Girlfriend

    If you’re in a relationship with an Asian girl, you might have noticed her tendency to “serve” you and thought, “hey could this be a put on?” or “how long is this going to last?” If you have had these thoughts for a while, banish them from your mind right ...

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  • How to Court an Asian Lady – Three Tips

    How to Court an Asian Lady – Three Tips

    Asian dating is popular because of the number of Western men who have realized just how attractive and incredibly feminine Asian girls are. One of the first things that men notice is how delicate Asian women look. Asian women in general usually sport that demure look, but the real charm ...

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  • How to Know if an Asian Girl Is In Love With You

    How to Know if an Asian Girl Is In Love With You

    Asian girls are demure, modest and sweet, so it might prove to be a challenge to figure out whether she’s into you or not. Self-expression isn’t lacking in the Asian culture, but it may be presented differently from what you’re used to. Start With Friendship First things first, you need to be ...

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A Video on 13 Things Asian Girls Like — True or False?

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How To Shower In Public (Philippines) by IslandMediaAsia

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Mikey Bustos on A Filipino’s Accent

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Christmas in the Philippines is Like…

Christmas — it’s a pretty big deal for every Filipino, may they be overseas or not, may they be young or old, rich or poor. It’s part of the culture, it’s been the tradition and it is innate within everyone in the country. With that said, you’ll be surprised at how all out Filipinos can be when December hits. It’s definitely a month that’s already been marked on every calendar. ...Continue reading »

Where is the best place to live in the Philippines?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="491"] image: itsmorefuninthephilippines[/caption]

The Philippines has approximately 7,170 islands and only 2,000 of those are inhabited. Among those 2,000 islands, which one would you pick to call your home? If you were to ask me, I’d say Bacolod City. This is the city I was born in and to tell you the truth, I’ve never visited a city than can replace my one and only Bacolod. ...Continue reading »

Japanese Love Alternatives — Rent a boyfriend

If someone were to come up to you and say that they can be your boyfriend for one night — nothing physical, just spending time, drinking, eating, talking, and relaxing, with him as company — would you go for it? It might be a peculiar offer for anyone but for most of the women in Japan, it’s sounds like a break from their stressful and energy draining lives. ...Continue reading »