Asia’s Latest Supertrend: Live Streaming + the Top Apps You Need to Know About

Forget TV, forget YouTube, want to know what over 300 million people are going crazy for right now? Live Streaming. It’s the latest craze that’s sweeping the internet with a staggering 46% of China’s internet population having used a live streaming app in June 2016. It’s more than a passing craze, or even a trend, it’s a super-trend and a part of the future social fabric. ...Continue reading »


Apo Island: Nature’s Gift to Scuba Divers

Apo Island, to first timers, may look like a faint, unassuming little island with nothing much to offer to its visitors. But if one gives this island a shot, even non-fanatics of scuba diving or snorkeling will automatically have a change of heart and mind once they get to experience what this island is all about. In fact, Apo Island may just be the reason why people would go into scuba diving or snorkeling as hobbies. ...Continue reading »


What to Expect When Visiting the Philippines

There are a lot of beautiful and new things to look forward to when visiting the Philippines. There’s a lot to enumerate! If it’s your first time, you’re in for a treat. Just so you get a sneak peak into what it’s like when you’re in the Philippines, here’s our shortlist of what to expect when visiting the Philippines: ...Continue reading »